PS3 vs Xbox360 (SkyPlayer) Players will benefit more using the Sky Player on the PS3 than Xbox360

Only recently did Microsoft release a new application for the Xbox360 allowing you to watch live SKY TV. So they say.

Here is why you are wasting your time and should not be upgrading to your gold membership and downloading that player.

Can we watch the Sky Player (Just like we can on the internet) – watching past shows like 'Ross Kemp returns to Afghanistan'?
Yes we can watch the 'Sky Player' – watching back past shows.

Can we watch Live TV?
Yes we can watch 'Live Tv'.

What's the Catch?
Oh yes, there's a catch in there, and Microsoft as a company will not even fork out to help us, even after all the money they are taking off us.

Updated: 09th Nov 2009 @ 2:21am GMT

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jack who3268d ago

didnt know ms owned SKY ?! oh wait they dont.

54percent3268d ago

oh mighty bot... show the link proving you are right!

neogrant3267d ago

Hence why I said, agreement. How do you think they got sky on the 360 in the first place..

Saaking3268d ago

Imo, XBL should lower it's price or be free. There is just not enough justification for the price, especially considering PS3 offers almost everything XBL does for free. By next year, both services will be the same and MS will have NO way to justify the price.

kaveti66163268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

But Saaking, don't you see what's going on?

XBL has always had a membership fee.

And as of late, it's been getting more and more refined and improved and has had more features added to it.

And for some reason, the argument has never changed from the fanboys.

"Oh, so now the 360 has twitter and facebook support? So, you're paying 5 dollars a month JUST for facebook and twitter?"

"Oh, so now 360 has Sky Player support? So, you're paying 5 dollars a month for JUST for Sky Player?"

"Oh, so what if the 360 has cross-game chat. So, you're paying 5 dollars a month JUST for cross game chat?"

"Oh, so what if the 360 has *insert exclusive feature here*. You're paying 5 dollars a month JUST for that?"

At some point, people need to at least man up and admit that Microsoft is trying to add more features to the XBL service, and if it wasn't worth 5 dollars 3 years ago, at least it's getting closer to that value now. You may not be willing to pay for it, but that doesn't change the nature of the service. Microsoft is selling a service that some people are willing to pay for, and some people are not willing to pay for. Over the past few years, they have been adding more and more features to this membership, so the argument that the XBL members are paying JUST for a new feature is pretty lame and invalid. It's getting more and more support, so there are a plethora of features that are being added to the service at no additional charge.

How can that be a bad thing? How can people still be b!tching about this? Yes, we get it, you guys want it to be free, but what you need to get through your thick skulls is that Microsoft is a business and they are charging money for their products, and you all have known this for a while now. If you feel that it's not worth it, then fine, move along. To me it seems like the only reason you're complaining is because you actually like the service, and you're only major gripe with it is the price. I can make the same argument that BMWs shouldn't cost more than Toyotas because Toyotas also have 4 wheels and anti-lock brakes and can take me from Point A to Point B, but that's not going to make BMWs cost any less.

PS3 has some advantages over 360, the major one being dedicated servers for their exclusives. You should all be aware that many online games on PSN also run on the P2P system. So, what PS3 fanboys really argue is that PSN is better because it's free. The quality of the online experience is not any better in most cases, but this is where the fanboys find another little thing to say: "XBL is full of little kids and racists and homophobes."

Guess what? There's a mute button. You see, PSN is also filled with racists and homophobes and little kids; you just can't hear them as much. Sony's solution to the "rude player" problem was to not include a microphone headset out of the box. Sony fanboys praise that decision. I laugh at it. XBL just lets you mute the players who are talking trash.

Rather than deprive you of a headset just because you MIGHT be a trash talker, Microsoft gave everyone a headset and came up with a 21st century idea as to how players can avoid other players who are rude. The mute button works just fine, contrary to what Darkride has said, and I will quote him as best as I can, "I don't want to have to push mute on every player in the lobby before every match; it's time-consuming." Boohoo, Darkride. You don't want to push buttons? Stop playing games, then, because I gotta to tell you, that's the main purpose of the controller you're holding.

How is PSN considered to be a more mature place when Sony feels the need to not even include the headsets out of the box? Microsoft understands that the cohesive online community of XBL is key to their experience. Why in the hell would they exclude a headset from their console bundles? Why, so PS3 fanboys would call MS greedy bastards for taking away another necessary accessory and charging extra for it? Because at this point, I wouldn't put it past the fanboys to say that. I realized a long time ago that no matter what MS did, it would be criticized by the fanboys - the biased scum of the Earth that happened to be born with their heads planted in their rectums.

So what is Microsoft to do? Make XBL free? Wouldn't that be great? Yeah, I think it would, but I still understand the nature of capitalism. I know that if a company charges a particular sum of money for their products and I don't want to buy them, I keep my wallet in my back pocket, and I move along. But no, the biased people feel the need to exercise their voices, although their opinions contain no substance or any useful information.

When a PC gamer says, "Don't you get that Microsoft is charging you to do something that you can do for free elsewhere?" I respond with, "I know, kind sir, that is why I don't pay for XBL. I respect Microsoft's right as a business to charge for a service that they offer, and I have declined it."

Maybe people like you, Saaking, should do the same. Enjoy what you want, and move on. You don't need to run your mouth off about how greedy Microsoft is.

Saaking3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I'm not gonna deny that XBL is better becuase it kind of is. There's more integration between the console and the online. MS is trying to add more value but imo, online gaming should be free and you should ONLY be charged for those extra services IF you want them.

KionicWarlord2223267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Xbox live price has been same for long time .

Microsoft has constantly made there service better since the beginning .

Ms wont lower the price of live .

kaveti66163267d ago

Microsoft understands that it will be easier to secure more exclusive features for XBL and continue to charge for it, rather than make XBL free. The perception of value cannot be argued. Everyone has their own opinion about what is valuable. I don't find XBL to be worth it because I cannot afford it and I can do without some of its bells and whistles. Since that is the case for me, I have declined not to purchase the membership. The XBL remains a good service because of its cohesive nature. It's only drawback is the cost for some people.

7thNightvolley3267d ago

XBOX LIVE HAS RELEASED SKY PLAYER FOR .. all including silver members.. so scrap this shyt.. here u go..

Godmars2903267d ago

Yes it can. Especially if those services are free, can be utilized w/o a subscription, on other consoles.

Said it once, will say it again, anything extra MS adds to XBL is garnish covering for online. More so because things like Sky and LastFm are regional.

uie4rhig3267d ago nothing required.. hopefully sony introduces it on the TV icon :)

indysurfn3267d ago

They first of all have to make them work well enough to seem first class. As regards the story (or community post that got approved as if it was a NEWS STORY)

So what? You still have to pay for the PS3 version of SKY for a multiroom! Why are you picking on the xbox360 as if the multiroom sky was free on the PS3 when it is not? PS3 users could not pay for xbox live gold anyway it is a xbox service! What does it have to do with a MULTI ROOM SKY FREE!

infamous-butcher3267d ago

"When a PC gamer says, "Don't you get that Microsoft is charging you to do something that you can do for free elsewhere?" I respond with, "I know, kind sir, that is why I don't pay for XBL. I respect Microsoft's right as a business to charge for a service that they offer, and I have declined it."

You see, I like being able to play online, but paying for things I dont want or need (like all the apps not available anywhereelse) is the main gripe. Its the main problem I have with it. You either pay full price for everything you dont want, or pay nothing and dont get everything you do want.

insomnium3267d ago

make online gaming available for silver members and see what happens. What? You say you don't need x-game invites and chat? Now suddenly they are NOT worth the money huh?

infamous-butcher3267d ago

not for me there not, i would like to beable to play online with a few friends on XBL, but thats not possible without paying for things i dont want, or can do elsewhere for free. kind of like paying to see a film and charging to sit down and be poked all the way through the movie. (the movie representing the ability to access demos and msg people, the seats representing online play and the poking everything i dont want in XBL.) its a bit of a bad analogy, but its all i can think of at 7:00 am with no sleep.

Tito083267d ago

Of course, they include the headset as an excuse to pay for XBL, and there's no need for a headset on the PS3 to be included if u know u can use any bluetooth headset, a PS2 headset, a PSeye.... As for the service members, I tried both, n most cases I heard dudes acting stupid and sayin nonsense stuff on XBL.... PSN they all seems like all they want to do is play, cooperate, having some funny jokes, just a good conversation, not like all that trash talking I kept hearing on xbox live until I stopped renewing my membership again!!!!

rockleex3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

The extra features and better integration should be reserved for Gold members only.

The question is, are those extra features and integration actually worth the price of Gold?

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Jamie Foxx3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

more power to microsoft,if people are willing to let a business do whatever and charge whatever and people blindly keep shelling out the money why should they stop? thats why microsoft are such a successful company laughing all the way to the bank..

buy a 360 only £ thats cheap.. dada the 'hidden catch' = want to connect wirelessly to the internet? wifi adapter £70, want a rechargeable controller?= play and charge kit £30, want an harddrive so you can fully experience a £40 game ie 'forza or download demos?= £120 harddrive or you cant fully experience a game you bought so one 360 owner will get a better experience than another owner but you both have the same game!!!!!!!! want to play online?= £50 per 12 month membership

or get an 'elite' for £230, do i get all the above included then as it is an 'elite'?=NOPE you just get the harddrive all the rest applies im afraid...well how is that an elite?

want netflix or sky?sorry that'll be extra per month on top of your xbl membership......but people still shell out the money so microsoft have no reason to stop so stop complaining

kewlkat0073267d ago

Why must you generalize a "consumer-base" because they choose to pay for something they feel is worth it? To them.

Of course were all blind and MS is the devil.

There are plenty of Free thing sin life and some better than others but a business still has a "strategy/model" and a bottom line. Ms's just happens to be about making money like all business.

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