ZOE3 rumors reverberate through Konami JP's headquarters

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

It seems these rumors[about a new Zone of the Enders game] have spread throughout Konami's Japanese headquarters, and Kojima has had Konami staffers stopping him all across Tokyo about Zone of the Enders 3.

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gauntletpython3268d ago

If there's this much excitement, I don't get why Konami doesn't just greenlight the sequel.

Noctis Aftermath3267d ago

They are trying to get him to make another metal gear solid, which IMO will ruin the franchise, it isn't a game you can rush out every 1 to 2 years.

Let him take a break from MGS and focus on something different, the next MGS(if there is one) will be better for it.

gaffyh3267d ago

A lot of people seem to want it, so he may as well make it imo. Personally I prefer MGS, although I think it's time that Kojima makes a new IP.

FiftyFourPointTwo3268d ago

Exclusively on PS3.

Sorry bots, dont keep your hopes up.

Shoko3268d ago

God I hope so. ZOE is pure WIN. Imagine what a new next-gen ZOE would be like with the PS3's power.

ZOE is a very underrated franchise and needs to be known by more gamers.

kaveti66163267d ago

I'd need them to remake the first two games on blu-ray so that I can keep up with the story. Ah, who am I kidding, there's no way to keep up with Kojima's stories.

DaTruth3267d ago

I'm at a loss to understand what so many people saw in this game. It was my first PS2 dud! Everyone deserves an opinion and apparently I'm in the minority, but part 2 must have done something remarkable to make people see past the first game!

What was with the new weapons that were all extremely weak and ineffective compared to the original weapon?

Why o why3267d ago

but it was different...i played through the first 1 and am yet to finish the second. A next gen console may help kojima realise his true vision of zoe. It could be that much better.

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