How to Spot a Biased, Research-Free Article

As many N4G readers know by now Valve is forbidden to have an opinion on the basis that they are a video game developer.

Some have even noted that when an employee like Chet Faliszek says something controversial in a one on one interview, all 190 employees that make up the company also state the same quotations and in fact uninvolved founder Gabe Newell somehow said them both louder and previous to anyone else. Of course, his weight and what people plan on doing to his wife are both integral parts of the comments in question.

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mastiffchild3271d ago

Don't be so silly. Valve should be way above doing what they have. The guy basically dissed the entie PSN uservase for no reason and both Gabe and various employees have carried this on for ages. Ask yourself why no other dev says things like these? Valve is in a psotion above that of fanboys so why try to rile them up or gee them up? They've been unprofessional and Gabe's MS heavy background makes people sus about what he says especially, no?

Of course Valve and all it's individual employees are entitled to an opinion just as they can make games for whoever they like but they must expect a backlash from some gamers when they act like they have-why not just say they still have no plans to work on the PS3? Do like Ted Price when he's asked about 360 development, no? If they want to badmouth cnsoles and people gaming on a console they're the ones who're being silly and iot's happened way too many times when someone ahs been representing them as a company for it to be coincidental.

IDK why Valve persistantly have done this but I see no need and find it a little beneath their position. We know Gabe doesn't like the hardware and all of that but the slur on PSN users by Chet was even lower and less needed than ever-Valve keep bringing this on themselves and noone would care if they acted like 99% of devs do in the same, consle exclusive situation. They can stop it dead by just not saying things likely to start flamewars. It's about unprofessionality and rudeness and not about their right to an opinion or to build games for whoever they like-that's all accepted by everyone. Being pointlessly rude, however, isn't-they aren't tactful and do it with noone winding them up to start with-that's why they get some heat for it.Sheesh.

The fact they talk about the PS3 from a place of ignorance having never made a game for the console or those gamers they seem to dislike so much makes it seem even less professional, too. It's quite strab=nge, if you ask me, that they wish to carry his on-noone has been asking them to at all. The only thing some PS3 owners have done is wish their games were coming to their console-what a crime! that deserves some pointless hate does it not? Fact is Valve can stop this whenever they like and it's them and their spokemen that carry it on unilaterally as far as I can see so it's no wonder people comment o it or find it a little wierd.

cupogoodness3271d ago

I think you make great points there, luckily I don't have to argue with them since none of them contradict the point of my article.

I wrote it because the articles that have been trying to represent your side thus far have been very under researched and very reactionary to Chet's comments. They write that kind of stuff quick and dirty because they feel they're on a time limit with general interest and more importantly if they don't go out and piss everybody off someone else will. It's simply one of the best ways to drive web traffic nowadays, and N4G falls right into it. Since most understand that, you see the method being used to a point where it's starting to overtake actual news.

I feel as though I'm a community member of this site, and regardless of how other people see it, I feel embarrassed when new users come to this site for gaming information and see what's most important to us, the gaming world. It's not how I would like to be represented.

ElementX3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Cute Examiner pic! :) Unfortunately it's just not much of an article. Your writing only serves to fill N4G with more garbage which you don't want new N4G users to see to begin with.

-Alpha3271d ago

What exactly did they say? That XBL was head and shoulder better than PSN? If that is all then that is his opinion and I for one would agree (though I wouldnt say "head and shoulders" better).

He is allowed to post his opinion and that is how he feels he shouldnt be attacked for it. Also, I dont see that constitutes for "rudeness"

Pandamobile3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Oh come on. You guys take every Valve comment way out of proportion. I went back and re-read that interview with Chet Faliszek and all he really said was it was easier to get together with your friends and join a game lobby on Live. He didn't go and say that Live was over-all better than the PSN, or say anything against the players themselves. I like the PSN and PS3 a lot more than Live and the 360 but I do find it pretty easy to get a game going online.

cupogoodness3271d ago

Don't worry, I'm way out of my element with this point the finger stuff. I'll be going back to my patch notes and demo releases now.

Saaking3271d ago

No, Valve's opinion doesn't matter becuase they talk trash about the PS3 and HAVE NEVER DEVELOPED A GAME ON IT. How can they know that it's "trash" or that the userbase is "inferior" if they HAVEN'T even tried it? They just talk a lot, but can't back it up. If they had at least TRIED to develop for the PS3 then maybe their opinion would hold some ground, but as it is their opinion on the PS3 hold no ground.

-Alpha3271d ago

Oh shoot Saaking, I've been mixing up Bioware with Valve


Also did they really say it was trash? Where?

And yes, the userbase on PSN IS inferior... it has less players, so it is totally inferior statistically. Though, "inferior" can be a pretty offensive term to PSN fans

Saaking3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Valve hating on PS3:

Just becuase there's less players on PSN does NOT make it inferior. It is on par with XBL in terms of online gaming. Valve's statements were really uncalled for anyways. If they don't want to develop then fine, but don't go around insulting the PS3 and it's fanbase just becuase you lack the skill to develop for it. And the word "inferior" is offensive to anyone. What if I said "You are inferior to me." Isn't that rude to you?

HolyOrangeCows3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

....hide the fact that the ever expanding PS3 intimidates what is considered to be such a supreme developer.

They didn't stop at ''It's difficult to develop for'' because they had to prove themselves.

Their ''points'' about community don't really add up.
Things like the chat options in fact SCRAMBLE teamwork.
And lack of cross invites on PSN are a minor inconvenience.

-Alpha3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Saaking, your original comment was that Valve said PSN userbase was inferior. Now you are arguing the quality of PSN.

The PSN userbase is inferior in number. This is a fact.

In terms of which is better, the fact that PSN is free makes the whole argument debatable.

Personally, XBL has more content, is better structured, has more features, and is much more experienced than the PSN, though the biggest draw for PSN is that it is free... and it has Dedicated Servers for its 1st Party Games which is great (though I've only noticed it in K2 and not UC2 which angers me)

-Alpha3271d ago

What Gabe said was harsh but none of you are developers presumably and none of you know the frustrations of developing for the PS3. It is clear that the architecture for the PS3 is harder, takes more time, and can result in developers wasting time and resources. Sony knows this. Hell, they even have guys like Naughty Dog help out other guys.

Now, this argument would be much more useful a couple years ago. By now, many people have learned to grasp how to develop for the PS3. It is still easier to develop on the 360 and in this economy and times, people will continue relying on the 360. It's a real shame because this means multiplatform games wont be using the capabilities of the PS3. Thank God for Uncharted 2 though ;)

Now, Gabe said all of this and people bash him for it. What he says is true. His suggestion for Sony to start over even came half true with Sony's new attitude with their new Slim version.

All I see is people bash another guy for having an opinion without really arguing the context of his opinion. Is he not entitled to it? Just because he is a authoritative figure compared to daily consumers like us doesnt mean he isnt allowed to have an opinion

jmare3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

The big secret is that Source is not designed to work well, or at all, with a processor like the PS3, or really any multi-core processor as the engine is several years old. That's the secret, it would take work to redo their engine and they are happy with what they have rather than go for more.

EDIT: @ Alpha Male, not that I care but have you ever made love to a man? If you haven't, how can you honestly give your opinion of it? You can give an opinion, but it would be worthless because you have nothing to base it on. The same thing applies to Valve and development for the PS3. They have no experience to base an opinion on, so, while they are a "respected" developer, they are just talking out of their asses when referencing the PS3.

morganfell3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

How is it that a system that is so very difficult to develop for has the superior exclusives? How is it that Uncharted and Uncharted 2 came into being on a system that is fraught with developmental hurdles so high that Valve in their infinite wisdom cannot clear them?

The very fact that Uncharted 2 exists makes anything Valve has to say about the PS3 developmental issues a moot point. It is my sincere hope that Valve NEVER develops a PS3 title.

To paraphrase Ubisoft, if a developer cannot learn the PS3 then they are not taking time to understand the technology.

Add the fact that Valve's comments so closely resemble this that it isn't even funny:

ReservoirDog3163271d ago

Yeah, what he may have said may be true (it's well known PSN is a lot quiter that Live) but still, it sounded kinda rude. And when you have many PS3 fanboys ready to jump at your throat, you should have better discretion when saying stuff.

And they do have a long list of things they said on top of this. Some are misinterpreted or out of context and stuff like that but really, just do like Insomniac and be respectful from all angles. It's easier that way.

Darkfocus3271d ago

the only valve game that supports multiple cores is team fortress and it barely supports them at all.

Blaster_Master3271d ago

The only thing Valve ever got right is their trash talking. Every game they put out has been crap. I dont see why in the heck people go crazy over what they say? Its not like their opinion matters. Give it up Valve. Make a good game before you run your mouth about other companies and user bases.

Pandamobile3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

TF2, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are all multi-threaded.


"Every game they put out has been crap. I dont see why in the heck people go crazy over what they say? Its not like their opinion matters. Give it up Valve. Make a good game before you run your mouth about other companies and user bases"


Half-Life and Half-Life 2 are two of the best games ever made. Team Fortress put class-based multi-player games on the map. Counter Strike put competitive, team based gaming on the map. Portal was one of the most innovative puzzle games of the decade and Left 4 Dead set a new bar in co-op action.

Almost every one of Valve's IP's has set a new standard in gaming. Why don't you play the games before judging them, hmm?

Sub4Dis3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

your reply to this top commenter should have been in your article. this is the best point anyone has made on this site to date. all the new comers to a site that is supposed to be news for gamers see nothing but a bunch of whiny, bickering fanboys who have no interest in the real progress of gaming or of the community. it's sad and pathetic and i find myself more and more wanting to ignore this site when i look for actually news on one of the hobbies i enjoy most. the majority of the ppl here really are an embarrassment and have no business referring to themselves as true gamers.

our community is really hurting. at least, if n4g is an accurate reflection of it.

@pandamobile: while you are 100% correct. you will never get a majority agreement on this website. this place is nothing but ps3 fanboys. if they truly believed valve was a bad company that made bad games, they wouldn't be so "butt hurt" by the fact that valve wants nothing to do with making games for their system. the truth is that because their games are some of the best ever made, they try to convince themselves they aren't missing anything, and they do this by spending tons of time on n4g crying and complaining. it's obvious who the failures are here, and it certainly isn't valve. it's the fanboys who, through their desperation to convince themselves and everyone else they hate valve and don't need them, let their true colors shine through.

anyway...back to uncharted 2...this game is getting addictive

The Lazy One3271d ago

Are you retarded? have you ever programmed anything? have you ever even made something performance based?

What you said is the equivalent of saying "If it's so much easier to make a bike than a car, why do cars go faster?"

The PS3 is more complicated to develop for. It's architecture is more complicated. That's a fact.

And Ubisoft is somewhere in the range of 10 to 100 times larger than Valve. I'm sure they can dedicate a little more money to research and development.

Like someone in another flame-valve article said. Valve isn't concerned with increasing technology. They are concerned with making game experiences and they've done a fine job of that.

BWS19823271d ago

er, if I recall correctly, actually, Morganfell has been involved in the industry, first hand, though I don't recall if it was necessarily programming.
============================= =============================
"What you said is the equivalent of saying 'If it's so much easier to make a bike than a car, why do cars go faster?' "

Um, the bike is the 360 and the PS3 is the car, and the speed is the power, if I'm getting the analogy?, what's the problem, you made an accurate analogy, and if someone said, "I'm only good at bikes, cars are too complex to make" that's fine. Yet some people are great at cars and they go faster, so the fact of the matter is Valve is saying they only want to make bikes, because that's what they're comfortable how is it that hard to grasp that Valve SHOULD try for car making if they want to really impress or gain new customers?

They don't have to, it's their choice, and they have excellent talent as far as gameplay and design, as well as storytelling, but hell, why not just insult everybody who owns cars saying the bike owners are better people because they're okay with bike-making...How gracious.

Miss Goblin3271d ago

Uhm if Valve only cared about making game experiences then they shouldnt comment on technology. But they dont. They comment about it all the time. Valve is the one that threw the first rock in this fight. Now you wanna say they dont care but their actions say they do. They shouldnt care since their engine is held up with bandaids.

I looked up that Ubi comment he meant and they dont think its harder, jus different. Their word is better than some one on a forum. And if Valve is gonna cry, or you are gonna cry for them and say they are not big then they shouldna make big boy and big girl comments.

sikbeta3271d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

"Of course, his weight" lol

Stupid article, nobody would attack newell, if he wasn't so big mouthed against PS3 and ITS COMMUNITY, he can say that he don't want or like to make games for PS3

But the thing that the other pervert [email protected]$$ said, it just too much, why they don't shut up and or say: NO we don't like to make games for PS3 or we don't even care about and nobody will mess with his wife and his overweighted @SS lol

To all of the stupid zealots, is not question of valve make a game for PS3 or not, this is about a guy that doesn't respect the choice of an established gaming community

I never read or listen Bungie talking crap about PS3, or ND talking crap about xbox, that's what is has to be

t10, they are in a delusional world, they pretend to attack PD games and they finish bashing all kind of racing games, really stupid

The Lazy One3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

If morgenfell worked in the industry and people saw his posts on here he'd be black balled instantly.

And valve doesn't make comments about tech outside of saying that it's too difficult for them to justify the RnD time to make new tech on the PS3. They never said the PS3 wasn't powerful, they just said it wasn't worth the time when all they care about is making new experiences.

edit: and there's a reason Trek doesn't make cars. They are good at bikes. They are sticking with bikes.

frostypants3270d ago

How to spot a biased, research-free article:
It is posted on

BWS19823270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

you don't think that when Gabe says Sony should ditch the PS3 because it's a disaster was him saying it's of no value? That sounds pretty concise to me, he feels it's useless and I don't know anyone who would call widely-purchased-technology useless, but at the same time powerful, WHILST other devs (pretty much all other devs) have grasped it and flourished in their products, millions upon millions own makes them look incompetent with technology at this point in the game, whether or not they could pull off Uncharted 2 quality or not, the fact that they are so vehemently against the PS3 to the point of calling it a disaster speaks volumes on their choices, IMO. All they have to do EACH and every time is say "we like PC/360 development, that's where we're comfortable pushing the boundaries" and leave it at that, that's what any other dev would say, regardless of any hatred in their head. You just don't spout off statements like that, it does no good.

I get the R & D thing, I really do, but that would only apply if they were on the brink of bankruptcy or something, and clearly they're not. There's something else at the heart of their hatred, and every few months another comment that makes no sense or justification comes out, or offends a millions-strong group: THAT'S why there is contempt for Valve and their "philosophies".

In my opinion, I think they CAN learn the PS3 quite easily, they choose not to.

The Lazy One3269d ago

It's an opportunity cost thing. If you spend 50 million doing a game on the PS3 that's 50 million you can't spend on other platforms, doing other RnD that's more relevant to the direction you want to go, or expanding your business.

Even major corporations that are making huge profits do the exact same thing. Just because you have money doesn't mean you should spend it on anything.

rockleex3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

But when they speak in an interview that is supposed to reflect their company as a whole, they better keep the BS away.

If they want to speak out their opinions, fine. Go do it in a blog.

Speaking of opinions, are we not allowed to have opinions also?

My opinion of Valve is that they are biased fanboys that always talk BS about the PS3.

Now stop making these useless articles. We want some actual news that doesn't pertain to arguments between fanboys and fanboy developers. -_-"

BWS19823269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

LazyOne, whatever Valve invested into PS3 development would, if they're the talented devs they're touted as, come back ten fold in the long run. Sony didn't go in the hole developing the PS3 just to give great gaming to the masses as a donation to society, they did it as an investment. The hope is they get it back later and then some. That is the business logic of any start up company, that is the logic myself as an artist should employ. If I go out and buy supplies and media, my intention is getting back many times what I spent in the end. It's quite simple, actually, and this crap about Valve not wanting to "waste" money would only happen if they bombed in their game -- and frankly, I think if they wanted to, they could learn it and learn it well, so that should be a moot point.

It's about investing, just like with MS and the $50 million for GTA DLC, the hope is they would sway gamers and make up more than that in the long run. Valve would be opening the flood gates for 20+ million gamers, how is that not wise?

The Lazy One3269d ago

it's simple microeconomics. Take a course if you want to learn about it.

They don't want to put time and money into learning PS3 development because 1. they are a PC developer, and 2. they don't care about advancing technology as much as they care about advancing gameplay.

you can whine about it all you want, but it has nothing to do with them being not talented, lazy, or them being arrogant. The PS3 just doesn't mesh with their plans and goals.

BWS19823269d ago

No need for a class, I'm well versed in it, seeing as how I work at a bank. I just don't agree with those as legitimate reasons not to develop for the console, I'd find "We just don't feel like it" as being a more legitimate rationale than that. Being a PC developer is a fact, nothing more, and advancing gameplay and technology are not mutually exclusive, many companies do both and make tons of money and push the boundaries. They can do as they wish, and they don't "owe me" any better reason, but I can have an opinion on their opinion. I guess....agree to disagree.

The Lazy One3268d ago

you say you understand it, but the idea of opportunity cost is clearly over your head if you can't accept that as a legitimate reason.

BWS19823268d ago

agree to disagree. I know precisely what it is. An opportunity cost issue is assuming they will have an "either/or" choice to make, and it doesn't have to be. Plenty of companies can do both, and have done both. You make it sound like they have no option but to stick with PC-centric development, or abandon it for learning the PS3. Not so, but no, I don't run the company. They can just as easily do both consoles, I am unaware of why you're presuming they have to forfeit one or the other. One or the other? Why? I believe they have the talent, resources and energy, just not the desire.

It's an investment, plain and simple, if you think it's a "waste" of money to research something and see returns from it later, then that's apparently yours and Valve's opinion. It's not mine, so I agree to disagree.

I appreciate you civilly discussing this, for the most part, though, even though at this point I'm sure this story is long dead.

The Lazy One3267d ago

they will either spend money developing for the PS3 or they will spend that same money developing for the PC. They don't want to invest the money in RnD for the PS3 when they can just develop for the PC, hit a button and have a 360 version that just needs polishing.

That is their choice. END OF STORY.

Just because some companies decided to make the investment doesn't make Valve's choice incorrect.


BWS19823267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

What have they been working on that is so fragile and delicate, financially, that it would crumble and split at the seams if they devoted a fraction of their energy to another platform? What R&D of theirs is still so dedicated, time-wise, to a platform they have been working on for over a decade? What have they got planned or came out with recently that supports this mentality? What's in store that can't have a single iota of funding reallocated to another investment? You're right, it's a choice, not a requirement.

Also, so why is Valve smack talking and bashing instead of, like I said, coming out and saying exactly what you said? I may not agree with them and their "financial or art-form direction", but I'd have respect for their point of view and choice, as I have a PC also. Instead they take it as an opportunity to badger and belittle another platform and company as well as userbase. Their answer for non-PS3 development? More or less: "Because it sucks and we're better than that"...I understand the concept of a finite budget and them wanting 100% of it to go to one direction, I just don't see them requiring it (as if they have no choice), but rather choosing it.

I look at their product output and ask, where is this 100% going? I believe they are more flexible than that and can accomplish both "goals"...they just have to get creative or open-minded. You speak as if a mere 10% of manpower was dispersed elsewhere they would fail at this 1 (or less) game a year pace. Not to mention I'm sure if they asked, they could have 1st party devs from Sony come on board and assist them in a joint venture.

I'm seeing the shades of gray and forks in the road, and you appear (my opinion) to see all black and white with a straight path. I respect that, just don't agree with it.

There's not going to be an "eye to eye" here, I feel one way, you feel another. Agree to disagree. I hope you understand that.

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-Alpha3271d ago

Love the jab about N4G and people looking for anyone with a URL to feed in. It's funny because it is sadly true what constitutes for "news" here and the legions of fanboys who "argue" back with a juvenile thumbs down/thumbs up war.

3271d ago Replies(8)
v1c1ous3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

an employee gets asked a question, he answers honestly and in a manner not literally insulting a group of people (in this case ps3 fans on N4G;), but based on his own experiences and concerning the targeting of a specific demographic (in this case 360 fans overall).

that group of insulted people (ps3 fans on N4G; who at the same time en masse often start clamoring favorously when other communities are dissed; i.e. 360/wii fanbase) get led on by selective quoting without regarding the entire conversation and not take into account the context of the statement because the website looking for hits has found an easy venture on

and it somehow makes a simple remark into an explosion of finger pointing and name calling (i.e. lazy).

it used to be that when a developer wanted to develop for their console of choice, they could. it also used to be that you would quote entire conversations, not just cherry pick sentences for your flamebait articles.

N4G is turning into the fox news of gaming.

Strikepackage Bravo3271d ago

if Kojima or some Japanese Sony developer came out and said, ANYTHING about the PS3 is head and shoulders above ANYTHING on 360, you would only hear praises from the fanboys, and not a peep from the phony journalists and writers on the internet.

jmare3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Or the MSNBC of gaming?

EDIT: Above, times change. 2 years ago, if anybody said a word against the 360 they were just a pissed-off Sony fanboy. Now the pendulum has swung back and people are calling bullshit. Funny how it only bothers people when they disagree with the criticism.

Sub4Dis3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

that's exactly what it's turning into. in fact, i'd go even further. it's like the tabloids of gaming. the national enquirer of gaming.

@j-mare. that's not true. you guys have been saying that for years now. i've been on n4g since this gen launched and it's always been a vast majority claiming sony superiority and crying at the smallest complaint about ANYTHING related to the corporation. and even if that were true, which it isn't, that doesn't make it okay. fanboys are sad pathetic losers with no lives. and all they have going for them is the mega corporation they choose to be slaves for. this is the best thing they've got going on in their lives. and regardless of which giant company they are in love with, they should be shunned from the community. but on n4g they are embraced. as was stated's a huge embarrassment. new comers to the site and non gamers trying to see what we're about come here and think we're a bunch of immature children who have nothing better to do than to nitpick about other ppl's opinions about a game, system, company etc...

drop this Valve thing, seriously. If you hate them so much, then be happy they aren't making games for your system. Because all i hear right now is "they make the best games and we aren't getting them so i'm going to yell really loudly til i get what i want, or til i convince everyone else to hate them too and guilt them into making games for my system." it's a joke.

dreamcast3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

"it used to be that when a developer wanted to develop for their console of choice, they could."

They still can... look at insomniac, suckerpunch, bioware until a few months ago. Nobody trashes these devs because they don't talk trash. I like Valve games a lot, but every other month it seems they come out with another reason not to develop on the ps3... just develop the games for PC/360 and say you're only developing it for that platform like insomniac does with PS3.

Having said that, people are foaming at the mouth about this for no reason at all. If you want to play Valve games that badly, get a 360 or PC good enough to run them (shouldn't be hard).

Also, isn't it funny that this article is also "biased and research-free"? Here's a tip: when writing an article condoning fanboyism, don't write stuff in the comments like "your side" when referring to PS3 fan(boys).

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cupogoodness3271d ago

The haters are actually going to my site to comment, thanks guys, most I've had in weeks!

ElementX3271d ago

Read my comment above. You state that people come here for news from trusted sources, but then you spew your crap and submit it as an "article". You're not reputable, you're not an insider, you're just some Joe Schmoe.

cupogoodness3271d ago

Yeah, I read your comment. I'm a Joe Schmoe no question, but fortunately for myself, and for many, that's all you need to be in this business to get started.

Many developers will take the time out to talk to you regardless of how popular you are, the only thing you need to become a game journalist is a URL and a need to get involved with the gaming community/industry. It's when people under prepare and don't fully care about what they're doing, just the end result (in this case traffic), that the integrity as a whole slips.

I have certainly been guilty of this in the past when I didn't respect this space as a community, but there are enough people around here I've seen/spoken to that have made me believe otherwise.

If you want you can ask for this article to be moved from my permalink to an N4G blog post, it doesn't make any difference to me if I get the hits, just whether or not people take the time to read it and understand that completely admitting any past transgressions with N4G, I'd like this site to return to what it was intended to be in the first place, a gaming news repository. Where the most important gaming news items are at the visible top and the opinion pieces are on some side page at the very least.

maskedwarrior3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

when compared to your previous forum post:

"Getting the articles I submit approved is really important to me, and when I don't think I've done anything wrong it's upsetting to have to deal with the perceived attitude of 'don't approve unless absolutely necessary' my articles consistently endure from both contributors and admins. While I understand I can't do much about contributors, I can use (and have used) this forum to express my issues and concerns to those who run the site, but since I have to defend myself regularly I believe I'm looked upon as someone who either complains a lot or as a troublemaker."

Sounds like you really need the hits...

Eddie201013271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

The first part of your article does exactly what you are preaching about.

If you had read the majority of the post on that particular N4G post, they were pretty rational and were not wing nut crazy comments like your opening comment seems to portray. Your comment seems kinda wing nut crazy to me.

Reputable Gaming site staying low keyed:

This site along with many others reported on this man's comments, the owner of the company.

Valve has never made a PS3 game in house(actually developed it).
It has been reported that Valve was not very co operative with the EA developer of the Orange Box.

The Source engine is not really a next gen engine and if optimized for the PS3 would not even come close to maximizing what the system can do.

Most all the other third party developers have made Multi player games for the PS3. Activision, EA, and Ubi soft have reported better earnings on the PS3 platform than with the Xbox 360 platform.

Left 4 dead is a 4 player Co-Op game and this person involved in the development process is(and he says this like he is representing the opinion of the team) saying that the PS3 with it having sold 27 million units world wide does not have a large enough community for any one player to find 3 other players to play the game with them, that to me does not make sense. Weather the comment was meant to be derogatory or not, it still does not make much sense.

Why does the PS3 community even have to be compared to the Xbox 360 community, Yes the Xbox 360 community is larger than the PS3 community, but wasn't the Xbox 360 communty where the PS3 community is now last year, when the first left 4 Dead came out.

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...So successful troll is successful?

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