Super Hi-Vision Crushes 1080p

Next HD standard will sport massively higher resolution. The recently unveiled Super Hi-Vision standard features a video resolution of 7,680 x 4,320-16 times higher resolution than 1920 x 1080 (1080p).
(The TV in pic is not the product)

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snoop_dizzle4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

how long will it take until theres anything to support it.

Cable and Satlite are just beginning to go 1080p(its been 1080i for a while at the most), and bluray and HDDVD are 1080p so we have a while to go.

gta_cb4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

hmmm with this in mind i am thinking Sony are going to end up releasing a too high priced PS4 to support something like this.

i hope im wrong but i can kinda see it happening, especially with this news

if you disagree then please say why as this is quite interesting.


@ snoop_dizzle

yeh sorry went a bit off track, yeh i got Sky on a HDTV and we can upgrade to HD although it costs £300 (ish) and i wont be able to watch very many channels anyway, so yeh its going to take a while.

ITR4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

As far as I know Cable/Directv are stuck at 1080i due mostly bandwidth issues.
Many like Fox opted for the better 720p since you can get more frames then say in 1080i.

I could see both formats supporting 2k res sooner or later.

But if I'm not mistaken HVD the next gen HD discs will use the higher resolutions.

I say by 2010-11 1080p will be a bit like 480p is now.

Now on to the holographic TV's for some real HD tech.

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300 quid for HD?
I got called by Directv to upgrade to HDTV for free. It also includes a free HD Directv reciever and free install. They said my bill will stay the same at $65 a month.
I'm waiting for more HD channels though they only offer like 14 I think.

ITR4747d ago

Yes, now more studio's will start using RED's 4K camera for more then just CGI shots.

We need this new std to even use 4K cam's and beyond.

gta_cb4747d ago

at the moment HDREADY tvs are available everywhere, yet the percentage of people buying them is going up, but still isnt alot compared to how many people there are in the world. so i can imagen these new tvs being like HDREADY tvs now, but in about.... 7-10 years. maybe in time for the next Xbox/PS5?

blahatthat4747d ago


Expy4747d ago

We'll all be in retirement or dead before this even hits the consumer market.

snoop_dizzle4747d ago

chances are it will mostly be in the newer OLED, Sed, etc tv's meaning it will be extremely expensive.

maybe they will make LCDs and plasmas in this resolution, but even then it would be super expensive.

Arkham4747d ago

It's not going to cost you anything. It might cost your kids--or your kids' kids--a pretty penny though. ;)

4746d ago
Rhaigun4746d ago

I could see this going for $10,000. No one but the rich will have one of these within the next 5 years.

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jedicurt4747d ago

Doesn't this all kind of fall into the whole megapixel Myth??? i mean, am i going to notice a significant difference between Super Hi-Vis and 1080p on my 40 inch TV??? i don't think so... now for the Huge LCD's that might be coming to production soon (the 108 inch) maybe... but most of use won't be able to tell any difference on our current tv sizes

snoop_dizzle4747d ago

I dunno if i really will be able to tell a difference aside from if I saw it on the SEDs or OLED tvs. But i guess the question is, on those tv's, how much better does this the higher resolution look compared to 1080p on those tv's?

socomnick4747d ago

Of course you will see a difference from 1080p to this new hi vision. Its 16 times more detailed . Where 720p and 1080p isn't that much different.

snoop_dizzle4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

i was thinking more of how vibrant the colors look etc.

Compare a 1080p Westinghouse tv to a 1080p sony bravia.

The Westinghouse tv's look bland compared to bravia.

then agian if its 16 times more, it will look good.

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btw socomnick, I've got a feva, and the only prescription is more cowbell! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.