IGN : This is one party you'll want to leave early (Mario Party 8 )

IGN writes:

"Clearly this copy and paste approach to the series is enough for some; the Mario Party titles were all best-sellers on GameCube and Nintendo undoubtedly hopes to repeat the success on Wii. However, if you've been following the series since its inception, as we have, this latest effort really shows its age - both mechanically and visually. Developer Hudson Soft had the chance to recreate or at the very least improve the franchise by taking advantage of the Wii remote, but Mario Party 8 misuses the controller as regularly as it capitalizes on it. The end result is a title that feels like a rushed GameCube project with last-minute Wii controls. If you're playing with your kids you might still have fun in spite of these inadequacies, but most will be bored by the tedious flow of the boards and the mediocrity of the minis."

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consolecrusader4756d ago

I think the world may be getting a little tired of mario by now

JIN KAZAMA4756d ago (Edited 4756d ago )

sucks. I cant believe the Wii is still fyling off the shelf simply out of hype, and being the underdog. I think its Nintendo, that truly doesnt care about the gamer, they are all about maximizing profit. While MS and Sony want to give truely next-gen experience for us gamers.

AHHHH COme on PS360Wii, you know what I meant. All the companies are about profit, thats a given. But atleast MS and Sony are Pushing the hardware to cutting-edge. Not like Nintendo, they create a whack ass wand controller, and slap "revolutionary" on to it.

PS360WII4756d ago

yeah cuz sony and ms are all about non-profit...

blahatthat4756d ago

I would have to agree but got to hand it to Nintendo on creating a crazy for the Wii. As this game is released. It will see no matter the recyle material it may have. Look at the portable versions of some of their games. They are recycled but they are selling very well.

ITR4756d ago

It's kinda funny. This game gets good and bad reviews.
GT gave it a good one...and I'm pretty sure G4 gave it a good one on yesterdays show.

THE TRUTH4756d ago

I bought it for my kids today, they are having fun with it right now. I think the problem with this review is simply this game wasn't made to be played by hardcore gamers. I don't see why anyone should bash the Wii, my 4 year old son and 5 year old daughter simply love the Wii, they have fun they get alittle exercise and I don't have to worry about being bothered while I'm playing R:FOM online. sounds like a win-win to me ^.^

blahatthat4756d ago

This is the goal for the Nintendo. It its working very very well. I think thats the goal from the beginning.

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