Review: Dragon's Lair for Blu-Ray and Playstation 3

Get ready to game on your Blu-Ray player! When Dragon's Lair was first released in the arcade, it was cutting edge; full motion video in an arcade game was unheard of when it was first released in 1983. We review Dragon's Lair for Blu-ray players and Playstation 3.

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r10004582d ago

Get ready to game on your Blu-Ray player!

lol...What the hell does that mean.....

sabbath4204582d ago

Sony fans rejoice. Real system seller there eh! What a waste of time. Played the 1080i version of the game on my old xbox years ago, and my DVD player. I am sure the 1080p version is sooooo much better with that blue ray player and all. Caugh caugh!

VaeVictus4582d ago

Caugh Caugh??? Pointless Xbot statment followed by Caugh Caugh?? Who are you, Liberace?

jedicurt4582d ago

Are we going to have to hear "Blu-Ray player and Playstation 3" for the next 10 years? Maybe i just don't recall, did they every advertise movies by saying that you can watch them on your "dvd player or PS2 or Xbox"????

yes, I understand for tv commercials and such that it is probably a good thing because maybe not everyone knows

But if you are reading a Gaming site..... I'm sure that you already know.

So come on IGN, and Game Tactics, and Every other gaming web site out there..... We Get it, The PS3 is a Blu-Ray Player

Sorry, just a personal problem that i have been wanting to rant about for a few months

Lord Anubis4582d ago

In case you were not aware PS2 was advertise as a DVD player and in some instances it was used to show off movies in Japan.

MySwordIsHeavenly4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Yeah, let's bash it because it's on the PS3. That'll work!

Sabbath420 - I don't even know where to go with that one. I think someone's jealous that they only had the 1080i version, which didn't look any better than the original. Don't worry...I'm sure Microsoft will just BUY you guys a new series, instead of being innovative.

EDIT: sabbath420 - haha...that was funny. Are you saying that Sony went up to Disney and begged them to put this on Blu-ray? Or is Sony just putting things out there for everybody? You're so blind dude. Listen, I love my PS3 and I love my Wii. I won't get one of "your systems" because there's nothing in it. Better graphics...WHOOPY!!! Buying people off shouldn't win console wars...

Sony tell me my next thought, huh? Here's one! Have you seen Lair yet? That's using the PS3 and Blu-ray power. I wanna see ur precious 360 do that!

Why do we have to fight like this when we both know you're going to continue to hate Sony because you're siding with your rich friends...buying the hottest thing on the market...always trying to defend it against a competitor. You're the reason gaming is considered the lowest form of entertainment by adults...

oh and...halo sux

sabbath4204582d ago

You are so blind. You are right buying people off does not win console wars, good games and pleny of them do. What about all the lies sony has told you in the past? All the false hopes and promices. At least my system of choice does exactly what it saies, and also does not try to shove a unproven movie format on me as a gamer. I get to choose. Sony and blu ray have fouled the game idustry for themselves.

4582d ago
razer4582d ago

I remember back in the day going into an arcade and stumbling upon this game and was completely blown away! Never thought we would be playing games like we are now, but at the time there was nothing like it!! I think Space Ace is another that deserves some Blu-ray love.

4582d ago
Bebedora4582d ago

...something like 7 floppys too.

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The story is too old to be commented.