Destructoid: MAG Preview

Destructoid writes: "MAG, the PlayStation 3-exclusive first-person shooter that boasts 256-player multiplayer, is set to release on January 26, 2010. So to get people geared up and ready, Sony invited us to a one-on-one training session, complete with some hands-on play time with the beta.

If you haven't been keeping up with every little detail (and you aren't already in the beta), then feel free to read on past the jump to get the lowdown on how the game functions, and some of the impressions that I got from my limited time with it."

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Ninjamonkey3265d ago

This game is looking good.

The gameplay seems tight. I like how when you get to a certain level you unlock a new reank, but your not forced into it, you opt for it.

Hopefully it will mean that only people who want to try leading will do so, making working as a team much smoother.

The only thing Im hoping for is a little more polish in the game. I know its 256 players but if they can reduce the jagginess, lock it to 30fps (if not already done) and lose some of the jaggies then Im happy.

Well that and the draw distance, for a game like this thats essential.

Am I setting my expectations to high? =P

Shmotz3264d ago

I'm in the Beta,

Gameplay is tight, it takes a little bit getting used to since its all so fluid.

When you unlock the ability to be a squad leader you can do so but you dont have to,simply while in the Que List you can check the box to apply for squad leader. Doing well as a leader gets you Leadership point in which when those are high enough let you become the Batallion leader or OIC.

Graphics, Jaggies and FPS are constantly being worked on and let me say that 1.3 fixed all of thee above a lot. I dont think I've seen it stagger since. My only complaint graphically is the same as the author said. Once things get a little far its muddy and washed out, making sniping sometimes difficult(but I was never a great sniper to begin with) Other than that the draw distance is good.

Props for the sound team too,I play this in surround sound and its so cool to hear other squads going at it.

learte3264d ago

i don't really see too much diference in grafics, i mean i see them and i compare them to COD:WAW and i doesn't seeme too far off. and call of duty has only 18 players tops online. and i love resistance2 and i think it looks great even at 60 players online. so to just say it doesn't look good or stuff like that, please just consider that 256 players is A LOT and with out lagg is even something no one has done on a console with out it being an MMO. just consider that MAG has over 4 times the playes online than resistance2 and over 14 times what COD:WAW has online with out lagg.