Fan made MGS4 video "The Last Stand"

splintercell41 tried to make the game trailer look like a movie trailer.

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jwatt4579d ago

That looks professionally done, I like the music too, nice work.

Observer4579d ago

... i don't see why has this "article" been approved as "news".

Edwin19894579d ago

I don't get it too...

btw it's a nice vid, but there are better ones around...:)

kewlkat0074579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

I agree.

Plenty of videos out there of User-Made content related to Video Games in general, should they all be submitted because somebody thinks it's kewl?

besides that..Nice video..tho

KoolMan4579d ago

Im a big fan of metal gear and I wish I had the demo or the beta test of MGS4..

deke2k44579d ago

This trailer sucked in many ways. What an amateur.

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