Arcade Games get Release Date

Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting, Pac-Man, and a bunch of other Xbox Live Arcade titles have finally been given a release date by Microsoft.

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Dick Jones5792d ago

And all the other ones that come close, I can't use here.

Ugly American5792d ago

Isn't August just a few weeks away? Seriously.

omansteveo5792d ago

I know what you mean whats Jones' prob

specialguest5792d ago (Edited 5792d ago )

damn...i envy all of you 360 owners with Xbox live. if there is anything i would like to play with others against, it would be SF2 or anything SF series.

jsuch20025791d ago

I was really thinking MS was toying with us. I cant wait for August 2nd now. This is going to be alot of fun for only 10 dollars. PLEASE PLEASE bring back Killer fighting game EVER!!!!

jsuch20025791d ago

Let me say once more....KILLER INSTINCT!!!!!!!!