Activision: MW2 to get Biggest UK Midnight Launch Ever

ConnectedConsoles: We know that UK and US retailers have broken the street date for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Though Activision is till confident that UK retailers will 'hold the line'. When speaking to MCV, Activision's UK MD Andrew Brown also said that Modern Warfare 2 will be getting the biggest midnight launch in UK gaming history.

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GR8 13360d ago

This game is gonna be siiikkkk, can't wait to play single player and multi-player online.

InLaLaLand3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

this is sickening to the Great One. They give this game a BIG LAUNCH just because of the hype and yet the UK gets ripped off with the £55 price tag along with the PC gamers.

FAKKING BULLSH!T (wheres the Iron Sheik when you need him).

rdgneoz33360d ago

Because of the hype they can get away with the price increase or no dedicated servers, and everyone will still go out and buy it which will encourage them to do it again, as well as with other games as long as there is enough hype about it.

InLaLaLand3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Most developers are becoming lazy and they have DLC (like clothes, maps etc.) at a price (even game saves for a price too) which is stupid. Why couldn't most of the content be on the game disc. Yet most people encourage them to do it more. What's the point in paying for maps which should have been included since day 1. Yeah this game will be brought by a majority of teens and kids due to the fact that their friends are getting it and hype. Plus people pirating this game shows how desperate they are to play the game when they say they are not buying it or they are boycotting it. Just put your foot down to this altogether. If you think the game is crap or the same (in this case MW2) why pirate it? Yeah you are trying to 'hurt' the developers but in this case, IW and Activision do not give a crap, they know they are going to sell a lot since its the holiday season and people buy into the hype from websites and advertising. All IW and Activision care for is the £££ and the $$$. I'm definately not buying this, plus theres too many FPS games out this gen, I like playing other genres like RPGs, which this gen kinda lacks. I used to play MW1 a lot until I played Killzone 2, then I couldn't play MW1 because I was so used to Killzone 2.

I guess we have to thank Capcom for starting the milking process (somewhere down the line).

One more thing, don't rely on reviews. Everyone has their own opinion.

MetalGearRising3360d ago

Until Halo Reach comes out which will be Biggest WORLDWIDE Midnight Launch Ever and will be marked in the History books for eternity.