Konami Celebrates Metal Gear

Metal Gear turns 20 this year, and it looks like Konami is planning a big celebration. In Japan, at least.

According to the release schedule in the latest issue of Japan's biggest game magazine, Weekly Famitsu, Konami will be re-releasing all the main entries in the series from Metal Gear Solid on. This includes the Solid home console games as well as Portable Ops for the PSP.

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sumfood4u4583d ago

If it came out this year!

Charlie26884583d ago

you better bring that special edition to NA...or else....

PS360WII4583d ago

Metal Gear was/is a great game. Why just re-release the Solid :(

Babylonian4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear: Solid Snake where released as a bonus for MGS: Subsistence, so maybe they thought why release again. Or maybe they don't tink the games are worthy to be re-released as they are old.

I really love and enjoy them, when I got Subsistence, the first thing I did was play Metal Gear 1 and 2. And I have to say they are really good developed games for that time, just as good as the MGS releases were for their time. Those original games really defined MGS as we know it.

Gotta love Hideo Kojima for brining these great games, thank you Kojima-san.

sajj3164583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

and I don't care if it came on the 360 either. They should remake MGS2 and MGS3 for the PS3 and the 360. It would be very similar to what Team Ninja did with Ninja Gaiden Black -> Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I'm playing the old games now upscaled on the PS3 but imagine the possibilities.

Happy Birthday Snake!

rukusa4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

I dont see them porting anything for the xbox 360 apparently, they support PS3 by far which is sort of evident with the MGS4 & Silent Hill 5(possibly) exclusivity.

Konami is a huge supporter of the PS & nintendo brand, they even completely re-wrote the PS3 engine for Pro evolution soccer 7.

razer4583d ago

Sorry to burst your greedy little bubble.

Congrats to MGS though and who doesn't like a party??!!

I guess there will be plenty of hotdogs with all the George Foreman grills that will be on hand.. (sorry couldnt resist)

Charlie26884582d ago

I guess you didnt read the interview with Masashi Tsuboyama were he had second doubts about a 360 version due to the incredibly small 360 user base in Japan

rukusa4582d ago

Are you a moro* or something? i said POSSIBLY, they're still leaning towards PS3 wether you like it not.

I wasnt even insulting the x360, so get the hell out fanboy.

razer4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

has a following outside of Japan. Maybe you haven't seen the american movie versions of Silent Hill?? I don't think the user base in Japan has much effect on this coming out on the 360. You know the install base for the PS3 in Japan sucks too right? If they are thinking like this maybe they need to release it on the DS and Wii only??
Games Radar-
"Yamaoka also revealed that the latest installment in the much loved survival horror franchise will head to next-gen consoles "like PS3 and Xbox 360," during an interview with German games mag GamePro."

This was the most current quote I could find from Yamaoka dated April 20th. If you have something that says otherwise I am assuming it will be on both platforms which is good for everyone.

rukusa: So you gonna call me names now?? ohhhh I'm soo hurt.. pft. I am just stating truth not being a fanboy. You need to come up with something better since I am a fan of both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Charlie26884582d ago

why dont you go tell that to Masashi Tsuboyama, if he says it its possibly because he knows more than you do

and actullly the PS3 userbase in japan is good/average the 360 in the other hand does have a VERY poor user base in Japan even with the fact that the console has been launched TWICE (just look at the latest weekly chart in Japan PS3 8659, 360 2026)

and using movie is one of the worst examples possible there are just so many variations why there can and could be a movie based on a game...just look at our pal Uwe Boll

its interesting to see the difference between both consumers point of view a lot of people were the interview was posted said the EXACT same thing as you, while I bet you if it was a japanese based forum would welcome the PS3 version I wouldnt care about the 360 version

btw I did liked the SH movie :P

rukusa4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Apparently you filter out anything else positive about Silent Hill 5 making an appearence on the PS3. Also you didnt pick up the latest "qoute", there was an interview recently which said some more (still vague) details. So I recomend you read that up before you rush your trap.

And yeah I do call people by names when they flame some one else inappropeiately. I dont think your worth flaming nor should do I feel the need to flame unless I find it necessary. And your excuse about x360 & PS3 fan doesnt hold water, it sound more like you just dont like being labeled a fanboy (besides the denial of being a fanboy contradicts everything you said in your first comment).

Anyway heres the newest interview from this month:

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