Undedicated: A New Trend in PC Gaming?

PC gamers have been up in arms as of late over Infinity Ward's recent announcement which said it will not be supporting dedicated servers in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Shortly thereafter, id Software revealed that they too would not be utilizing dedicated servers in their upcoming shooter, ironically named RAGE. Why are these developers moving away from what has been the standard in PC gaming and will it become a trend? Is PC gaming going the way of console gaming? The answer is a resounding "it depends."

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Saaking3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

If MW2 STILL does well on the PC you can count on other devs following Activision's lead. I really hope PC gamers take a stance and stick to it. They made COD what it is today and it's simply not fair the IW turns around and stabs them in the back.

EvanVolm3268d ago

It'll undoubtedly do well in sales, which is what other companies will look at instead of user feedback from IWnet and other things that actually, you know, matter to gamers/consumers.

Pandamobile3268d ago

Modern Warfare 2 launches in like 3 days and it's not even in the top 5 on Steam's Best Selling list. Not to mention Steam is the only digital distributor selling it.

Hopefully it flops hard at retail too.

toaster3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

This game will sell. It's because everyone and their dog knows the name "Call of Duty." They're not buying it because they want to, they're buying it because everyone else is. And if everyone else is buying it, hey, why shouldn't you?

I'm just glad people can see past the BS that IW is pulling. I have better games to play. My Steam rating is a perfect 10 with 65.3 hours in the past 2 weeks. That's with Torchlight and Shattered Horizon making up 2/3 of the total. Yeah I have a buttload of time on my hands because I'm on vacation. hehehe...

What I really want to know is how a P2P connection is better... you would think that is stupid that it is but IW sincerely thinks that it's better. It's pretty much a fact that P2P is slower then dedi's.
IW is basing IWNet on the thought that P2P is faster. YEAH RIGHT?!Since when? 9v9 is because that many people on P2P is CRAP. Look at Halo 3's Big Team Slayer. Perfect example of P2P and large amount of players.

Proxy3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

"Lets pick a random host with a sh***y upload speed and make him host. Soon everyone will realize that these silly OC3's and mods are just a fad."

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inSaneELF3268d ago

Frankly, it's going to sell, especially on console platforms. If it doesn't fair well on PC, Infinity Ward will get its act together for the next installment.

vudu3268d ago

I seriously doubt that. I think if it doesn't do good on PC, they'll eliminate it and stick to consoles only.

Feral Gamer3268d ago

Why spend money for dedicated servers if your game will just be pirated anyway? I wish people quit could complaining.

Nuclearwinter3268d ago

You do realize that the publishers, or developers don't buy or run the dedicated servers right? The players buy or rent server space to host a dedicated server for a game. So while you wish people would stop complaining about a feature that has been standard for almost 15 years, we wish people would understand what the hell a dedicated server is before running their mouth.

Feral Gamer3268d ago

Some developers run dedicated servers.

Proxy3268d ago

Some developers attempt to satisfy their customers.

aGameDeveloper3268d ago

Even if the developer does not HOST the dedicated servers, there is still a cost in developing and maintaining the code, as there are different requirements between dedicated and P2P.

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Digitaldude3268d ago

It will definitely still sell as its called "Modern Warfare"
but is unacceptable really, i hope it isnt a trend for PC games. Certainly starting to look that way.

TheBand1t3268d ago

Just because one dumb developer cuts dedicated servers does NOT mean every dev will.

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