Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Issues to be noted

"We all know that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will be a great game. One of our editors will have the review of the game pretty soon. Any case the original set new standards in the first person shooter genre and the sequel has a tough task ahead. Here we analyze some of the issues we had in the first game and unfortunately we might see them in the sequel as well."

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gameseveryday3268d ago

Mw2 is gng to be way better than the first one, hands down!

Assassin Nawabi3268d ago

we can count on infinity ward but those issues can become a problem

Saaking3268d ago

The guy in the pic looks like sev from KZ2.

evrfighter3268d ago

call of duty pays homage to lots of war movies. So he's more than likely based on this guy from "Tears of The Sun" 2003. Who is more than likely what Sev was based on as well.

therealwillie3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

i think they should have used the "huge budget" activision said they could have but they declined. atleast then there might have been a longer single player.

i'm gonna wait this one out, see what the overall perception is, maybe rent, probably won't buy though, even then if i do buy i reckon i'll buy it on the p.c as the ps3 version in my opinion doesn't look as good as it should

Greywulf3268d ago

ww1... ww2... and so on.

RumbleFish3268d ago

It took IW 6 Weeks to patch the PS 3 Version. The online part of CoD4 was broken. It took them more than two months to patch the EU-version of CoD4. I won't buy another map pack for CoD 4.

11 360s and counting3267d ago

How in the hell did the first one set FPS standards? It took everything good about FPS' and crapped all over it. Lets make a game with auto aim and horrible generic gunplay and make it so little kids around the world can even play without issues. These games are horrible. Just keep supporting these pieces of crap and that way games won't progress and we can all play in the past instead of reaching and pushing for the technology of today and tomorrow. I seriously hate how stupid the majority of gamers are.

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gameseveryday3268d ago

I dont see a gears of war kind of thng affecting the game. Since they are both different games.

Assassin Nawabi3268d ago

ya, hope infinity ward doesn't over-complicate things

D4RkNIKON3268d ago

They will keep MW2 simple in a sense. You see, things like recoil and weight to the player make it all too realistic so they don't bother with them. After all it is a twitch shooter for pre teens and frat boys.

baldguy713268d ago

I'm so excited for this game I can't sleep at night !!!!

Ziriux3268d ago

I feel very sorry for you, if you honestly can't sleep because you're thinking of this game. There is far more things to think of.

sak5003268d ago

I'm excited about my trip to taiwan for our annual global sales meeting. MW2 nah not that important.

D4RkNIKON3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

This game is not worth losing sleep over..

gameseveryday3268d ago

as far as I know Infinity ward they are damn good at whatever they do. so I believe all the issues will be taken care of without a problem!

Bloodraid3267d ago

Well then, it's obvious you've not read the article now isn't it?

The issues can't simply just be 'fixed' like glitches.

- Short campaign
- No multi-player Campaign
- Overly complex online
- Old engine

Please tell me of a solution that doesn't require money out of our pockets for some DLC.

GR8 13268d ago

I did MW2 in 9 hours and MW1 in 6 hours, MW2 campaign is longer and better.Gears of war effect whats he on about the online multi-player is way better then Gears of war 2, and Old engine even tho it is the graphics have improved alot espcially the snow and the whitehouse level.

Ziriux3268d ago


To the article writer, non you mention are really issues that damper gameplay in anyway, the first game was fine, minus a few glitches and MP hiccups, the second is looking better with a few more modes and updated perks.

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