Dragon Age: Origins – Gifts Giving Guide (Raise Approval Ratings)

Every choice you make in Dragon Age: Origins will impact the relationship that you have with your companions that you meet throughout the game. The rate in which they grow to trust you is called Approval Ratings. With a high approval rating you can increase party members usefulness, and even start a romance. If you think that your approval ratings with a certain character is too low, there is one way to give it a boost and that is by giving "gifts" that you get as you journey through Ferelden.

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Christopher3294d ago

Can't read the article, but so far I've found the following to work:

Alister - Runes, Statues
Morrigan - Books on magic, Jewelry
Dog - Bones
Leliana - Religious items
Zevran - Clothing
Sten - Artwork
Shale - Stones