UK Charts: Mario Fails to Score

UK, May 30, 2007 - Once again proving that there's very little justice in the world of videogame sales, the brilliant sort-of footie fest Mario Strikers: Charged Football, has been bested by a mighty tide of movie tie-in mediocrity.

You see, Activision's Spider-Man 3 has managed to ensnare the number one position for the fourth week in a row. While, creeping up in second place, is the awfully average Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, which launched on every format possible last Friday.

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PS360WII4786d ago

Well that's not bad considering it's competing against 2 games that released on every single platform and this game is on uno.

Shadow Flare4786d ago

cos Mario Strikers is crap. Nintendo, stop making freaking mario games! Mario Strikers...ugh, WHY IS THE WII DOING SO WELL?!?

ChickeyCantor4786d ago

You didn't played the game right? and only bashing because it has Mario in the title?

Shadow flare the gaming world isn't that " big " if you consider how many people are out there who are " non-gamers".

you don't have to like the Wii, at least stay with your PS3 or 360, if you have no interest or what so ever in the Wii then don't come and bash Wii games. Your one bubble ain't helping either.

AcidRhain4783d ago (Edited 4783d ago )

Your half-witted comments still ceases to amaze me. Did you drown when you were a kid? Or your mom must have been a heavy drinker, that explains a lot. lol

MK_Red4786d ago (Edited 4786d ago )

Me too, cant understand why everyone is getting Wii but back to topic, its really REALLY strange. A game for popular Wii, starring Mario and friends, about football, NOT THE TOP SELLER? Now I've seen everything.
And I dont think game is bad or anything. Mario party 8 had some big issues but this one seem rather good. Strange indeed.

Pheneus4786d ago

It is number three in a list where the top two are on a half dozen platforms. Collectively they are selling more but Mario Party is selling nearly 6 times as many copies as the number two spot in Wii only sales.

MaximusPrime4785d ago

I seen the gameplay of Mario striker and i laughed out loud. It was totally crappiest game ever. What with the giant mario?

Nintendo you rely on Mario so much. Do something new will ya

eclipsegryph4785d ago

Sometimes I wonder why people want to show off just why they only have one bubble to comment with. It's not something to be proud of, that's for sure.