Visually impaired gamer sues Sony Online

Brendan Sinclair of writes: It's not uncommon for blind gamers to feel invisible in addition to visually impaired. For instance, when gamer Brandon Cole wrote THQ a letter suggesting changes to make its Smackdown series of WWE wrestling games more accessible to the blind, he received a form letter back thanking him for his appreciation of the game's graphics.

It doesn't help the visually impaired that some of EverQuest II's characters are actually invisible.
But now, one visually impaired gamer has gone beyond simply requesting accessibility features and is demanding them by way of a lawsuit. Last month, disabled gamer Alexander Stern filed suit against Sony, Sony Online Entertainment, and Sony Computer Entertainment America in the United States District Court for the Central District of California. The suit alleges that Sony is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by failing to implement features to make its games accessible to visually impaired gamers.

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SeanScythe4036d ago

What is with people thinking they are entitled to anything? I sware people are nothing but about Me me me. This world is to P.C. and it's getting retarded.

Dumba$$: I'm blind so you have to make things for me to be happy. Sony: Why?
Dumba$$: Because I demand it and deserve it or I'll sue you for Millions and win because people are stupid and agree with me.

Next thing you know they will Sue the DMV because they can't drive a car. Should gun makers design a gun that blind people can use correctly? Should Blind people be allowed to fly planes?

ChozenWoan4036d ago

What part of "VIDEO" game did not compute?

Something like Rock Band I could understand as that is more of an audio game. Even without the visual cues, with just a focused ear and good rhythm one could learn to master even the hardest tracks in time. But come on, a video game is a video game as in visual. Now if he was suing due to Sony putting so much money into making video games and not ocular implants to help the blind to see, then I'd understand a little more... but then we wouldn't have these great games that make having sight so much more enjoyable heh. =P

rdgneoz34036d ago

I wonder if any one blind has sued a magician for his act not being accessible to the blind. (Makes me think of the Jeff Dunham sketch everytime... "The elephant disappeared... I just f&*@*ing disappeared...")

sehnsucht4036d ago

This is stupid. The Americans with Disabilities act does not apply to this

devilhunterx4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

visually and mentally impaired. Whats next? he is gonna sue some girl cause she doesnt puts out?

baraka0074036d ago

another junk law suit. I feel for people who can't see but you can't punish companies because of your impairment. Be mature and pick up another hobby that's better suited for you.

Scary694036d ago

LMAO, there is always an idiot out there trying to get money from big companies. He probably won't win this case and I hope he does not either.

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