Modern Warfare 2 PC Errors Becoming Common

For those of you who are PC gamers, you should wait on buying Modern Warfare 2 from the retailers. The PC version comes with 2 discs but it seems that only the actually game is working and not the extra content.

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dkblackhawk3292d ago

I'm glad that mine wasn't effected. I feel sorry for those who have this problem. This reminds me of the Halo 3 limited edition tragedy lol.

dkblackhawk503292d ago

This also reminds me of the Halo 3 Limited edition although, this has nothing to do with the case. But very similar problem.

mcslick1013292d ago

FFS IW get a grip!! Your destroying your reputation with the community who MADE you. I know I'm crying into lonely wind, but Jesus Christ show some respect you fúcking goat fisting donkeys!

Fishy Fingers3292d ago

Well at least the game is working, you'd be pissed had it been the other way around.

dkblackhawk503292d ago

Yeah, if the game wouldn't have been working...probably a protest. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me.

spvn3291d ago

9v9 online multiplayer, NO dedicated servers, no console, no custom maps, no mods, no ability to kick players, etc. the list goes on...

Nope... I'd say the game doesn't work either.

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Sano643292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

It sounds like a new copy protection scheme to me
(EDIT) scratch that. If it was a new copy protection they would have done it with the main disc not the one with the extras

dkblackhawk503292d ago

They would've definitely have done that to the first disc if the second disc had that.

StarScream4Ever3292d ago

The problem could be from a disc defect cause the game is using Steamworks dev app to sync with Steam, therefore there's no reason to use a disk afterward. Though I wonder if retail purchase would still be lock on Steam because the Steam store stated the game to be unlock on the 12th, a few days after retail launch. Hopefully Steam unlock it for those who bought from retailers.

dkblackhawk503292d ago

The game works just fine. It is the bonus content disc that isn't working.

M337ING3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Why is there a bonus content disk? I thought the PC version was a no-frills box containing just the game?

And how do you know how the game works? It's tied into Steam activation.

I smell bull made up to get hits...

dkblackhawk503292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I knew a fool like you would come along. We put the game in the drive that is it. We didn't say we played it...learn to actually read the article. Thanks.

Also this is about the bonus disc not the game...

M337ING3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

What's on the bonus disk, then? I assume they have it written down somewhere. Because this the first time I've heard of a bonus disk in a standard boxed copy of MW2. Usually, Activision isn't that generous.

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