What Features Should The Next Rock Band Have?

Rock Band is a growing franshise that is made by Harmonix and published by Electronic Arts.

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dkblackhawk3267d ago

That is quite the list there. I need a all in one trainer so I could play every instrument at once :D.

Myst3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

More customization options, one thing I liked about World Tour when I rented it was that deep customization. Other than that I don't think there is anything else that I would really like to see. Maybe more Metal bands, some from other countries...*cough*Malsain*cou gh*

dkblackhawk503267d ago

Customization would be nice but that can only go so far though.

dkblackhawk3267d ago

That would be nice but Electronic Arts can't copy everything from Guitar Hero lol.

Myst3267d ago

Yeah, I understand that they can't but if they at least add more things (hair, and all that stuff) then it would be cool. I don't really need something to where I can rotate the hair 90 degrees or what not, just more stuff to try is all. :)

Relientk773267d ago

I agree with the vocal trainer

<-- isnt a good singer and doesnt like doing it lol

dkblackhawk503267d ago

I ain't that great of a singer either >.>.

dkblackhawk3267d ago

I "think" I can sing good, right boss? lol

3267d ago