A familiar look for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (preview)

Not that it's going to blunt the epic juggernaut that's going to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, but DICE will be releasing an exclusive multiplayer beta on the PlayStation 3 on Nov. 19.

The date comes on the heels of Modern Warfare 2's Nov. 10 launch. It's a provocative move, one that makes me arch an eyebrows just a little bit. It basically says from one franchise to another: We're not afraid of you. We can take you on despite your big marketing muscle and your controversial commercials. Even the news release has a slight jab at Activision's behemoth title: "Battlefield: Bad Company 2 provides a true all-out war experience like no other modern warfare game." (Those are my bold marks.)

But if Bad Company 2 can talk the talk, can it walk the walk? I had a chance to play the beta last month, and it looks like DICE's game will present some challenge to Modern Warfare 2. The two games definitely inhabit the same space in the shooter genre. Both have a similar cache of weapons, both have similar environments, both have a similar vibe.

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Ninjamonkey4952d ago

looking forward to this game.

Sales wise MW2 will win, but for gameplay battlefield looks leagues ahead.

deadreckoning6664951d ago

This game DOES look leagues better than MW2 in every department. I wonder if the final build will give the option for 3rd person view in vehicles...

solar4952d ago

The two drawbacks about the vehicle is that A) reloading is slow as hell and B) sitting in that turret leaves players as sitting ducks. I’m sure enemies will relish shooting the smart guy standing still at the controls.

um, thats been the norm for BF games since the beginning.

Pandamobile4952d ago

Can't wait til we get modded PC servers up with 48+ players :D

evrfighter4951d ago

I'm sure the battlefield die-hards will take it back up to 64 on day 2.

Pandamobile4951d ago

That's going to be hell on the servers, lol.