Killer 7 not heading to Wii says Capcom

Despite a listing on the European Capcom website, Killer 7 is not heading to the Wii. Yesterday it was spotted that Killer 7 was listed under Wii and had a Wii logo on its profile on the website, but according to Capcom, "The Wii symbol was due to testing on our test realm somehow making its way across to the actual site". Capcom has also apologised to existing fans for the mix-up.

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ITR4746d ago

I didn't think so with No More Heroes on the way this yr.

PS360WII4746d ago

No More Heroes is gonna be a great title! Killer 7 was a fun game but a remake isn't really needed for that one really.

ITR4746d ago

You can pickup Killer 7 for the GC for like $19.99 at Target.
Well it was there at least about 2 months ago.