Flying Solo: Is co-op the way games are heading?

Gamer Limit writes "In this editorial, I aim to look at how countless developers are attempting to distance themselves from the archaic single player format and encourage a fully co-operative experience for the gamers. Read on to hear the sad tale of a man who missed the co-op boat."

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chrisjc3271d ago

As a general rule, I like playing by myself, except for shooters.

Ziriux3271d ago

Eww lol, playing your self.

Jk, on a serious note, I agree, I do not want someone to hold me back when playing my FPS of course, cause that would just be silly, especially in a game like Modern Warfare 2.

Freak of Nature3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Speaking of general rules I would think the best way to go for gaming in the future would be to copy the blue-prints created by Naughty Dog and Uncharted 2 along with what Modern Warfare 2 have done....

Meaty single player,expansive MP,and a seperate co-op mission gameplay addition.Like getting 3 games in 1.... As long as they are all done without compromise,nothing half done and tacked on,full on backing behind each category.

TheGameLlama3271d ago

The original Modern Warfare had a TERRIFIC single player campaign and a solid MP that people are still playing today. Still, it would have been nice to have a Rainbow Six-style co-op partner to go through the campaign with.

DangerCurtis3271d ago

Good article. Yeah, multiplayer is a ton of fun, but sometimes getting a friend is difficult.

Emily3271d ago

fat princess should of had offline co-op

Ziriux3271d ago

No thanks, I loved the game the way it was, for me it couldn't have been any better. I don't see how I would have fun with co-op when it comes to that game.

thor3271d ago

Should have had online split-screen. Or at least some way to play with friends/siblings when you only have one console. Would have been awesome.

syvergy3271d ago

Loved the coop in Borderlands :D

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