Critical Gamer: New Super Mario Bros Preview

Critical Gamer Writes: The clock was ticking, the event was closing, and myself and Luke had only just managed to get on to the New Super Mario game. To be honest I wasn't all that fussed about it at first, which is why I left it till last. I have been playing Mario games (much like many of you) since I can remember, and have seen it go through numerous changes over the years. From its humble barrel jumping capers through mushroom power-ups, raccoon suits, Yoshis to ride, metallic Marios and flying through space; and figured I'd seen it all. What could they really do to make me want to go back to playing with Mario?

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Jim Crikey3927d ago

Looking forward to this game, more than ever now!

scruffy_bear3927d ago

My friends and myself are going to have a very drunk Mario nite, cant wait for.