Bad Company 2 PS3 BETA Exclusivity is due to "Logistics".

Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be having a BETA which will only be coming to the Playstation 3 platform, arriving on November 19th.

We spoke to Gordan Van Dyke (Producer on Bad Company 2) regarding the reason over the BETA being exclusive to the PS3.

"Logistics…We looked at how Development was going on the PS3 and what we were able to provide. DICE saw the Xbox360 having the first BETA so the PS3 should have the second, fair game!"

You can hear the whole interview right here, only from TFMX.

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reintype3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

I think this is Sony/EA's answer to MS/Activision.

When you have 2 competing shooters after the same market, the obvious thing to do will be, to shadow your opponent's movements. So if your opponent is doing something for one platform (Commercials, Timed-DLCs), then you must appeal to the other. I wouldn't be surprise if the PS3 version gets some form of exclusive content.

thorstein3269d ago

I love it. Don't care what system or fairness. But after I saw MP in action, I dare say that BC2 is going to trump MW2. (NOTE: I love MW. I still play it AND I was planing on MW2..etc but now...)

I win.

LukaX233269d ago

@ all MW2 haters...

I just beat the single player (I've got an early REAL copy on PS3). It's just amazing... Don't hate.

BLuKhaos3269d ago

No one cares so fvck off!

rob60213268d ago

The guy I think it was Torrence Davis staight up asked him if the beta being on PS3 was because of a deal with Sony. And he flat out said no, he wasn't choosing his answer carefully to hide something, he flat out said no, but believe what you want if it makes you happy.

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ZBlacktt3269d ago

This game will be on a whole new level compared to COD.

DelbertGrady3269d ago

I also favor BF but I think both games will be great in their own ways.

creepjack3269d ago

Screw COD, gimme more Battlefield!!!!

sikbeta3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Fair indeed

Hey COD, there is new FPS in this community, so keep going with your crap and you'll find out what happen when a whole community turn his back on you

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The story is too old to be commented.