Girls Almost Kissing: Various RPG scans 11/6/09

Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International (PS3), Shiren 4 (DS), God Eater (PSP), Ar Tonelico III (PS3), and Queen's Blade (PSP), via Famitsu.

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TheHater3293d ago

Is it me, or is this very lesbianish?

Ace_2353293d ago

Lolz thats what i thought

Vivi3292d ago

I remember my friend playing through that scene and what actually happens is that the green haired guy gets pushed towards her when his face is nearby.

HardcoreGamer3292d ago

yeh i remember that, so they just get some hits with that title hey

Solidestchimp3293d ago

the green haired 1 is male from star ocean 4 and the other 1 is like 10 years old so its kinda sick lol

NecrumSlavery3292d ago

yeah, you couldn't fathom the kiddy anime porno games you can buy in japan. 100000000000000s

Ace_2353292d ago

i want to know what the scans say

Shrinkwrap3292d ago

With video games becoming the main source of entertainment these day's.

I hate to keep comparing the rating system to movies, But I have seen alot worse on a television regular broadcast, than in a video game. (M-rated video games sold to adult) TV shows can be watched by anyone that know's how to use a remote.

They better not censor Heavey Rain.

lordgodalming3292d ago

They won' Europe. PS3 is still region free, right? ;)

zerocrossing3292d ago

actualy yes the green haird one is a guy so already the article is mistaken, but the young girl only looks 10 because in the game when she was 10 she acidently teleported herself to hell and sufferd some mental trauma, in order to escape she made a pact with the demon cerberus ever since then she never aged.

so using one scan of a guy and a girl almost kissing then righting Various RPG scans, you wouldnt be looking for hits now would you?.

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