Starter Pokemon in Heart Gold and Soul Silver detailed

The Pokemon starters for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver and their evolutions have been detailed by Nintendo since the games are already out in Japan. VGB takes a look at the anticipated DS remakes.

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MGRogue20173319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Basically, Pokemon games have always been about evolving & making the previous version/s obselete..

Sooo, If you want the latest build of your pokemon game that you played on your Gameboy like 8-5 years ago.. This is for you!

New Improvements

* Redesigned female lead!
* Opposite lead plays the support role!
* Pokégear, Sprout Tower and Slowpoke Well have been redesigned!
* New area cutscenes from Fire Red and Leaf Green return!
* Crossover promotion with the new movie!
* Pikachu-colored Pichu and a notch-eared Pichu are available to those that preorder!
* Two Pichus trigger an in-game event in Ilex Forest!
* Access to Arceus, which shows you past info about Arceus and Sinnoh in Pokémon Platinum by transferring it over to the game!
* Starter Pokemon will follow you, but specifics are not known!
* New Wifi features!
* Touch-screen User Interface elements!
* Makes all other previous pokemon versions obselete & rubbish!

lol until the next version/build releases.. enjoy it while it lasts.. true story

zerocrossing3319d ago

i dont think i'll be getting this one probly more for the die hard fans, im holding out for the new game hoping to here about that next year.

NateNater3319d ago

What new game are you talking about?

zerocrossing3319d ago

oh i ment a new pokemon game with another load of new pokemon in it.

Saaking3319d ago

I know pokemon is just more of the same, but I just keep coming back. I love it too much. Gonna get Hear Gold version

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mugoldeneagle033319d ago

I badly want a Pokemon MMORPG on the Wii already. It's the only thing that'll make me purchase a Wii I think, I mean it's what I've been holding out for. There's no reason Nintendo shouldn't already have one. It would be amazing and take up HOURS of my time.

Sadly, I think Nintendo is going to milk this franchise on the DS as much as possible, which blows...The last one I picked up was Diamond, and I'll probably pass on these and wait for the next new installment

The GOAT3319d ago

SoulSilver was a great remake. I really enjoyed playing it. It brought back a lot of nostalgia. :D

mugoldeneagle033319d ago

Is it worth a purchase? I mean I always enjoy a Pokemon game, and the Gold/Silver games were the only ones I never played.

StylizedPlayer3319d ago

Pokemon Silver & Gold were the best pokemon games released. Pokemon SS and HG are the best ones so far. It's worth a purchase.

HolyOrangeCows3319d ago

...pushes me to getting a DS.

The GOAT3319d ago

I would definitely say it is worth a purchase. I played a Japanese ROM with an English patch so I could understand my bag and battle screen. But the entire story was in Japanese and I still had a great time. They took an already great game and just improved upon it. Of course I am a little biased and nostalgic about the game. So just keep checking up on and see if it is something you'd like. But to reiterate I loved it even if I couldn't understand it. lol

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BldyShdw3319d ago

I'm probably gonna buy this...although I still haven't bought any of the new ones on the DS...too busy with my PS3 lol

sashimi3319d ago

I want these 2 games so bad! <3 my original gold and silver versions that STILL work to this day....can't say much about my gameboy though...have no idea where that went

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