IGN: World Debut: Project Monster

Project Monster comes from developer DreamRift; a company that is made up of previous development teams that combine from all over the industry, including work on Tony Hawk's Proving Ground, The Red Star, Dementium: The Ward on DS, Guitar Hero III, and most recently notably from the Henry Hatsworth crew. With a large chunk of the original Hatsworth team splitting away (over 85%, including the company founders which were actually lead programmer and lead designer respectively on Hatsworth) DreamRift has been working tirelessly on a new original IP. Project Monster takes the concept of combining gameplay mechanics, as well as retaining a lot of what made Hatsworth so fun on a core mobility and combat level, and brings it together in an all-new experience.

The game is looking great, but rather than give you the info second hand IGN will pass the torch on over to Peter Ong, co-founder of DreamRift.

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prettymanfairy3266d ago

I'm already pumped for this game. 2010 couldn't come sooner.