Novint Falcon Interview

What the Falcon does is essentially allow the user to "feel" objects in a game through a hand piece, called a grip, that sits in front of the body of the device. Connected to three servo controlled arms, the grip is equipped with 4 buttons and can remarkably be moved not only side to side and front to back but also up and down as well. The initial shipments of Falcons are set to go out on the 18th of June and with that date quickly approaching, Techgage was able to steal half an hour of Novint CEO Tom Anderson's time and ask him a few questions and to see where he saw things going.

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Rooted_Dust4747d ago

Very Interesting. I just wonder how easy it is to use. It looks like you have to have your hand suspended in the air to use it. I think I would actually have to try it before I bought it.

Karebear4747d ago

Yeah, that may be too strange for the market at large. We need a glove of some sort that people are familiar with that has feedback in it for touch. Or better yet some kind of electro-neural interface. Of course once your PC is interacting with your own nervous system, you better have one heck of a good surge protector on it :)

Rooted_Dust4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

I did like it when they said that down the line they would be producing add-ons, such as removing the ball and replacing it with a pistol grip for FPS's. This is the most original PC peripheral I have ever seen. My fist intuition is to lump this together with 3D-Stereoscopic glasses or Ageia PhysX cards, but this might just be good enough to go mainstream if they can get the price to an affordable level.

Rooted_Dust4747d ago

It just struck me!!! This would be the first good controller for a Star Wars light saber fighting game!

neogeo4747d ago

this peice of crap will be forgoten so fast.......wait, what was I talking about? Oh well..

Rooted_Dust4747d ago

What exactly makes it stupid? The fact that you can use it to feel weight, motion, and texture in a virtual space, or the fact that it blows the Wii out of the water innovation-wise.