Watch Modern Warfare2 Live

a live stream of Modern Warfare2 PlayStation 3 edition is live to see!


He while come back online in a few min

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ape0073271d ago

sis you see how [email protected] mw2 ps3 blu-ray look like
it's looks stunning

Natsu X FairyTail3271d ago

game looks sweet
but what does blu-ray have to do though with the game beign stunning? It's on PC and xbox360 and they dont have blu-ray and the game looks the same on each with slight differences.

AKNAA3270d ago

Blu-ray has nothing to do with this game, unless its an exclusive.
IW might of got a new improved engine running this game and a longer campaign if it were an exclusive though...

-Alpha3270d ago

Lol. Yeah, the Blu Ray looks amazing! (Sarcasm)

dirthurts3270d ago

Has nothing to do with a game engine...or performance.
It's just storage guys. Not another video card...

But it is very nice storage.

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gameraxis3270d ago

faith restored, anyone in my last post will know i was feeling uneasy, now i know this will be at least half awesome!

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NecrumSlavery3270d ago

Only way to play is not to pay! PSN Baby!

Darkfocus3270d ago

although I don't see why anyone would buy it on pc for that reason cause then they'll only be supporting dropping dedicated servers. :/

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The story is too old to be commented.