English Final Fantasy XIII Announcement - November 13th Well that didn't take long. Forum members hintonmj and Squirrel Emperor have already worked out the anagram posted by Square Enix about an hour ago. The anagram says "Announcement Nov Thirteenth"

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Gandalf3267d ago

I'll be laughing if it's announced for November 13, 2010.

Dragun6193267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Hmm.. Gandalf, I think its more like they'll announce something on November 13, 2009 than Nov 13,2010 but if they do then.... Hopefully its about a Demo coming to Jpn PSN and not delays.

MAiKU3267d ago

Yeah something tells me this is either going to be a lame announcement or a "Microsoft check book" announcement (like the 360 version coming to Japan.)

Reibooi3267d ago

well according to this post and the one it links to Square-Enix North America posted this on a blog and I would have to assume said blog was a english one or the NA branch of SE would not have been the ones posting it.

That being the case it's unlikely this a Japanese demo release on PSN or a announcement of the game coming to 360 in japan. It's likely to announce the concrete date for the NA release of the game or maybe a US demo.

iamtehpwn3267d ago

Around the end of my 8th grade year.
I graduate from high school Next week.
And I STILL don't have Final Fantasy XIII.

Saaking3267d ago

Too bad the game's been gimped.

freeblue3267d ago

so, i can import taht ass.

velcry3267d ago

Same feeling.

Game was announced at E3 06, when my friend's wife just got pregnant with their first kid.

Now, that kid is 3 years old, coming to 4, and can speak very basic sentences already.

How's that for a long wait.

ultimolu3267d ago

Lol, I was in college when they announced it. Now I'm in graduate school.

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RockmanII73267d ago

Please don't pull a kojima and announce that their will be announcement or something.

Fatal Blow3267d ago

I think the games Release date is Q2, 2010

foreverflame3267d ago

Nov 14 they will announce the 360 version will be exclusive

Marty83703267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

More likely they have canned the crapbox version, as it's on too many discs.

Jump Out, Play B3yond

MAiKU3267d ago

13 discs for 360 version

chrisulloa3267d ago

Lol that's a bit of a stretch.

I don't see a problem with multiple discs as most of us will just end up installing it to our HDD anyways. Also, if you haven't realized Marty, 360 has a better review average for multi-plats so you're claim that PS3 is superior in terms of multi-plat is very very stupid.

OmarJA3267d ago

Stupidity at it's finest.

Anorexorcist3267d ago

but the condition of such agreement will be that you will HAVE to go back to 1998 and see how gamers over a decade over had to feel how games over a few hours in length had to feel and they would manage in such times of technological incompetance. MS/Xbox Idiots are nothing but a testiment to these times!!!

NaiNaiNai3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

13 DVD9s and 1 BR..

LMFAO Droids are delusional.

BTW I hope you enjoy your copy of SO4 it will be 2 disks as well.

PlayStation X3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

most ff fans are ps3 owners so doubt they'll ever make 360 exclusive =/ pretty sure the only reason the games on 360 is cause microsoft put a cheque in there pocket n they knew it would be easy money since most 360 fans are idiots that buy any game with a bit of hype behind it =/

lol @ nainai

2 disks? this isnt last gen

3267d ago
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Reshun3267d ago

Seeing a lot of "an announcement about an announcement" recently lol

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