A Load Time Comparison Between 360 and PS3 Netflix writes:

I just finished making this video, but it compares the time it takes from starting up the system to being able to view playback of a movie. For the PS3 running off of a disc and then streaming the video, the time lapse is really close, at least within 1 second. Even the selection of the video to actual playback is close, with the 360 having a slight 3 second edge.

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Godmars2903977d ago

Bit surprising that the 360 has only a slight lead. Running off a disc, I'd imagine the PS3 would be notably slower.

You know, like how Tekken 6 shouldn't be... :/

KionicWarlord2223977d ago

Sony`s patent sounds exactly like xbox live movie party mode .

Godmars2903977d ago

If it delivers it'll be tons more interactive.

KionicWarlord2223977d ago

I guess more emotions and scripted actions .

gamesR4fun3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

for a free service psn is not slacking.

netflicks now and party mode soon so what's left to make the 360 online any better?

mikeslemonade3977d ago

I rather wait 3 seconds than pay $50.

ReservoirDog3163977d ago

Do people really care about three seconds? Even if it were 10 seconds I'd prefer it on my PS3 cause I actually have it connected to the internet.

It's about preference and what's easier. Not three seconds.

sikbeta3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

OH! CAME ON!!, I made a joke about "lenthsoftruth" making a comparison and now this, what a let down

Who cares about comparisons when the 2 consoles have the same service

-but, but you have to use the disc to bla bla bla....

This just stupid

O2_Addict3977d ago

is that if Obama has his way and passes strict net neutrality regulation, Comcast and others will not be able to artificially limit bandwidth to sites like Netflix as well as PSP bandwidth.

This means that Netflix might eventually increase the bit-rate to acceptable levels.

The 360's problem is that it's CPU is not fast enough to decode true high-bit rate video and decoding HD-DVD was done through a combination of CPU and GPU. Since Netflix uses a different encoding scheme Microsoft will have to update all the Xbox's with new decoding software. Could be messy.

The PS3, on the other hand, has the Cell processor, which can decode multiple HD streams all by itself so that's not a problem.

mastiffchild3977d ago

I don't think that is any kind of delay considering how long they've had to perfect the service on Live AND with it having to run from a disk as well. Good effort on the PSN side so far, imo.

Libing, as I do, in the UK I can't use EITHER service mind(which when I pay for Live even more than US gamers gets on my tits a bit-can't moan too much about PSN SCEE not habving it when it's free though and at least Sony are bringing some kind of Vid store soon. It's a bit crappy that we pay more for Live and get less in the EU, imo.

DocEvil3977d ago

honestly, I will NEVER use netflix on ps3. Why? Because it has blu-ray. Why would I downgrade from blu-ray to netflix?

sunil3977d ago

interestingly other websites mentioned that the ps3 version is notably slower... now i dont know what to believe !

Foliage3977d ago

"but it compares the time it takes from starting up the system to being able to view playback of a movie."

He has a fully animated Afrika background, way to ruin any significance this could have possibly had...

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Queen Elizabeth II3977d ago

So even while the ps3 is held back for the moment with a disc the 360 still manages to f*ck up clap clap LOL

betrayed gamer3977d ago

wat ever patent ms buys next

Saaking3977d ago

Yea but

PS3= Netflix fee and that's it

failbox= 50 bucks for gold + Netflix fee= FAIL.

chrisulloa3977d ago

Lol yes because that 50 dollars doesn't give us anything =|

TheTeam063976d ago

lol, i know, right? Like those $50 a year doesn't give us stuff that's free to use on the other side...

ZBlacktt3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

Yep, the free online for the PS3 is going to win most every time. I mean it has it all and it's free, lol.

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