Aeropause Hands On: PS3 Netflix Instant Streaming

via Aeropause

"Well, after seeing their Xbox 360 breathern enjoy the fruits of Netflix Instant Streaming, PS3 owners are starting to see the joys of watching Netflix via their own consoles. Everything you have seen on the Xbox 360 service is available here, albeit in a very plain interface, but Netflix works as advertised, and very quickly. Hit the jump for a quick look at the new service along with its all of its ups and downs. We also have screen captures of the complete interface, with the exception of adding a movie to your queue."

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WildArmed3361d ago

I find the netflix service to be great. I dont why the author is so focused on the looks of the interface.. you want it to be pretty with butterflies everywhere?
'it is also very drab and dull, leading to a bored experience while going through the queues'
loll it might be just me, but I usually use netflix to watch movies.. not the queues.
Only thing i do not like is the forward system.. I dont think you can tottle the forward scenes between 1min-5min-10min skips.. so its quite tedicious looking through a 2 hours movie where you were.. with each forward section put in place like every 10 seconds of the movie

WildArmed3360d ago

ya havnt got your netflix disc yet?
It should have arrived friday