Halo 3 Beta "Wraith" Video

Video of the new Wraith in action from Halo 3 Beta. Big and bulky, the Wraith looks to be quite similar to how it appeared in Halo 2, except it will feature a player operated second turret.

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Rhezin4581d ago

That's cool, I wanna see the chopper though. GET TO THE CHOPPAAA!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4581d ago

Damn and I wanted to get a tan this summer.

JPomper4581d ago

That sure is the Wraith.

neogeo4581d ago

I did not even click on the video. I'm such a blind sonydroid that I think I will call it crap even before I see it:)

Daxx4581d ago

If you have never played a single Halo game you shouldn't be talking.

Ravenator5294581d ago

I played a custom game with the new wraith about an hour ago and while it was cool to see, it wasn't very effective against someone with a spartan laser.

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