OXCGN Discusses Games To Movies: The New 'Prince Of Putrid'?


"Movies made from video games suck right? Even worse than games based on movies...

Soon we have Disney's Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, based on the last-gen game of the same name, to be released May 2010.

Will this movie amaze us, mildly entertain us, or will it simply be another crappy attempt to cash in on a game's popularity (though luckily Uwe Boll isn't involved in this one at least)?"

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gaminoz3295d ago

Not sure about this one...if it's got fun adventure and a decent plot, it could be good.

Then again...probably not.

Though it's true about the increasing possibility of a good game to movie in the future with Assassin's Creed Lineage web-films and what the Halo movie could have been with the District 9 talent.

Interesting list of game to movies at the end of the article...had no idea there were so many.

XboxOZ3603295d ago

Personally I don't mind 'most' of the game-movie experiences.

I suppose it's because I don't go into them expecting to get a game, or have the game played out in exactly the same way the game is laid out. I know that it is impossible to do that, and that a sreenwriter and director have to approach it from a completely different angle.

ALl the negative comments about Max Payne, Hitmnan, DOOM, Resident Evils series put me off watching them for ages, for fear of them being just down right bad movie experiences.

But I bit the bullet and hired them, loved them and bought them.

Gamers seem to be far more critical and protective of their presious games, wanting exact replications of the game into movie format.

One needs to approach it without expectations, take it as it is delivered for what it is, not what it is 'supposed' to be or what one may think it needs to be.

Otherwsie you will always walk away disappointed.

Godem3295d ago

im hoping it will be good as I loved the game, but im going into it not expecting much from it

GrathiusXR3295d ago

the trailer as with many trailers always show the good parts and give a glimpse of how awesome the movie will actually be yet sometime you walk in and out of the movie thinking wtf i got jipped...

I'll reserve judgment for when the movie is out and I have watched it.. Although it does look promising so here's hoping it is good!

cornfedgamer3293d ago

I bet it'll be a decent movie. That Gyllenhal guy, however you spell his name, he's a good actor. The Princess is a Bond Girl. Sir Ben, too, he's a great actor.