GameSpy: Jak & Daxter: Lost Frontier Review

How's this for a bit of insight: If GameSpy hadn't been playing The Lost Frontier for review, they doubt they would have finished it. As they've explained, they don't think it's awful -- they just think they experienced the entirety of what fun the game has to offer in just a couple of hours, and then repeated this until the credits rolled.

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ElementX3268d ago

How the mighty have fallen! I thought Jak and Daxter was a quality Playstation series?

TOO PAWNED3268d ago

I have same thoughts on HALO, what a coincidence

Saaking3268d ago

This isn't developed by ND. That's why.

beavis4play3268d ago

it is an amazing series......when naughty dog makes it. this one wasn't made by them.
you should have your facts straight before making foolish, fanboy comments.

WenisWagon3268d ago

Exclusively on PLAYSTATION. It only flops everything

RockmanII73268d ago

It's not made by the same guys. The guys who made Jak 1-3 are now making a little game called Uncharted. It's the same reason why Crash/Spyro games are so bad now.

ElementX3267d ago

I know it's not the same developers! I was saying that the series went downhill, not that ND was still developing it.

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zodiac9093268d ago

this is one website out of like 10 so far that have given it +80%

RockmanII73268d ago

2.5/5 = 50%. If you think that is +80%, you really need to go back to math class

kratos1233268d ago

can you read because thats not what hes saying
try reading next time you will understand the text better

xxPIETROxx3268d ago

to have never playing any of the prequels. maybe someone else should have reviewed it.

-Alpha3268d ago

It was getting decent scores too and GameSpy bombs it. Oh well, never really cared for it anyway. I want a damn Jak 4 already!

Why Dat3268d ago

:( Whoever developed the game... how could they butcher the series like this?

But again... judging from all the comments all of you guys made, it doesn't look like Gamespy was fair at all on the review. I guess I should read more reviews first...

Still, I'm soooo getting this game.

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