Early Bayonetta Demo Access Offered To Xbox 360 Owners

A Bayonetta demo will be released for the Xbox 360 before the game hits stores in January. Select players have a chance to get their hands on it weeks earlier than everyone else.

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kenjix3270d ago

PS3 owners have already played the Demo in October

EvilCackle3270d ago

So did Xbox 360 owners. Both in Japan, though.

Saaking3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

But to play the 360 demo you need a Japanese gold account. On the PS3 just make a Japanese account, go to PS store and download the demo. It's even in english. The demo was fun, but I'm gonna wait for some reviews. I think I'm going to end up getting it on the 360.

Norad63268d ago

you don't need a Jap gold account to DL the demo. A silver will do just fine. And takes 5 min to make one too.

Trebius3268d ago

It's not that great that it should have a contest...

It's just Devil May Cry with a woman..

A hot woman...

A hot woman that gets naked when her clothes eat enemies...

Saaking3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

Oh, well my bad then I thought it was still Gold exclusive. And yea, it plays almost exactly like DMC

LukaX233268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

I would read this article if flash-based ads would stop popping up out of no where. I hope earning that small bit of revenue was worth the one-time visit, jackasses.

SaiyanFury3268d ago

I got the demo from the Japanese PSN several weeks ago, and I loved the whole ethereal aesthetic instead of the played out and tired demonic format that so may games have this generation. It was insanely fun and stylish and having a sexy heroine who sways her hips while she wears high heels is very drawing for me. That said, I'll be getting it on PS3 because I prefer the controller. So many people condemn the PS3 version for being a "cheap port". It didn't seem so bad to me, and in actuality, was completely playable. Never did the framerate drop to a point that it affected gameplay or controller input. Despite all the fervor against the PS3 version of Bayonetta, I'll be getting it. You guys are free to get it on whatever platform you want, but I know what I'll be playing it on. And for the record, I also have a 360, so if performance was such an issue with me, I could play it on there. :)

wxer3268d ago

isnt this game already out ??

sikbeta3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

So this is awesome then XP


January man, the demo was out for PS3 and now is for xbox

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Queen Elizabeth II3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Thats about all they have to play all year and the game sucks.

chrisulloa3268d ago

Lol yeah, 40/40 famitsu means nothing. Glad I'm paying 50 dollars a year for early access like this.

Saaking3268d ago

I wouldn't quote famitsu. They gave The Last Remnant and Haze really high scores not to mention 40/40 to Nintendogs.

kevinx10003268d ago

"Playing Fable II
Being the target of an assassination plot.
Online For 1 Min"

guess whos online status that is saaking...

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Gago3268d ago

you can download the 360 demo from online and burn it to a dvd and play it

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