Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Update Released

Valve has released another update for the demo of their survival FPS Left 4 Dead 2, now available on Steam.

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3sq3320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

And just when I was about to buy L4D 2 for PC when it gets cheaper but not anymore. After all that bad mouthing about PSN/PS3 from Valve.

Do they realize that most of the PS3 owners are adult and do have PC. If they don't want develop for PS3 that's fine, I couldn't careless cuz I do have PC. But they really disgusted me by saying those nonsenses. Well, I'm not gonna support these disgusted developers.

Well done Valve. You just lost a customer.

Edit: mintaro, have you been living under a rock? Go and look at N4G's front page.

mintaro3320d ago

How exactly did they badmouth PSN

Godmars2903320d ago

By saying that it wasn't up to par to XBL or PC.

Was proabbly talking about technical aspects, but the way it was said implied it was the actual people weren't worthy of playing the game. That they couldn't or wouldn't communicate at the necessary levels to make the game enjoyable.

Basically giving a very lame excuse of why they don't port games to the PS3.

njr3320d ago

Cool story valve, too bad I deleted the L4D2 demo from my hard drive.

3320d ago
slayorofgods3319d ago

I'm done giving money to Valve, maybe then they will get bought out by a company with some class.

NaiNaiNai3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

So your going to not buy a game because of what the dev says.

Wow if that doesn't scream fanboy I don't know what does.

Don't worry valve, me and the real gamers will keep buying, just ignore the political ones. You know, the ones who say they like PC and stuff but are hardcore ps3 fans who insulted your games in the past now want them, but you deny them so they say they won't buy your games. you know, 1% of the market.

STONEY43319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Chec is the biggest ass at Valve, I'd just ignore him. I'm still getting the PC version since it looks really good. It's not like MW2 where they took a whole step backwards and screwed us over.

3sq3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Am I a fanboy? Fanboy my ass. Here is my list of Valve Games which I currently do possess.

Half-Life Generation (includes The Original Half-Life, Blue Shift, Opposing Force and Counter-Strike EU Version)
Half-Life 2
Half-Life 2 Episode 1

When I buy a game, it's not just about buying&playing but also support the game makers.


As for you and others who are going to buy the game, good for you, it's your money after all.

ThanatosDMC3319d ago

Bubbles up. I'm not buying it. I have more valve games on my steam account than any other dev companies.

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Godmars2903320d ago

Know as someone in the PS3 camp this wont be taken seriously, and I've asked this before, but honestly, what demo needs an update just after its released? Much less two.

Pandamobile3320d ago

You act like an update is a bad thing. It's just small fixes that most companies would ignore once the demo is out the door but Valve's really finicky with their products, hence all the small updates.

Godmars2903320d ago

Its updates that are one atop the other right after release.

And again: its a demo. The demo of a 2nd gen version of a prior game. What could be effed up with it, not matter how small, that requires *TWO* updates?

Pandamobile3319d ago

Why don't you try clicking the article you're responding to?

* Playback of intro movie now utilizes surround sound when available
* Fixed sporadic Game UI crash
* Fixed issue with missing RCON output on dedicated servers
* Fixed dedicated server crash after 'quit' command is issued
* Bots are no longer listed as players in game details UI
* Added Coach's missing dialog subtitles

Small. Updates.

If you've EVER played a Valve game before you'd know that because of Steam, Valve can release the most minor of fixes and get everyone caught up to the save version almost instantly. Other devs have to wait until there's a gigantic stack of fixes and make a large patch.

Godmars2903319d ago


If Valve were as good as you think they are we wouldn't be having this conversation! That they have and often use Steam as a crutch is no real excuse.

NaiNaiNai3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

I would rather have the demo get fixs to be tested, You know like a open beta test. then them to release broken games.

or firmware. Now what all did PSN 3.0 do again? I mean one firmware update right after the other. I mean really thats just silly.

I mean if sony was as good as you guys say they are they wouldn't need updates ever, I mean it does everything right out of the box doesn't it?

OHHH see what I did there.

Godmars2903319d ago

You're talking about the difference between something in development but released to the public for refinement, a public beta, and a representative example of something finished.

Home, PSN is general, is a work in progress. Will become refined in part because of user interaction, feedback, as well as what Sony wants it to be.

The L4D demo - is a demo. Something that should have been cleaned up and perfected before it was let out the door. They aren't often what they should be, but then they aren't fussed over either. That Valve has the ability to clean one up after its release where other's can't still doesn't excuse that it wasn't cleaned up before hand.

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goldene3553320d ago (Edited 3320d ago )

The game does have some issues. For example, with ATI cards that are in crossfire or anything that is X2 the game runs at 30 fps unless you minimize the game and open it again. I have some trouble with my ATI 4870X2. Setting aside the few issues, I thought the demo was pretty cool.

Pandamobile3320d ago

Sounds like a driver issue. Have you updated them?

goldene3553320d ago

Yea. Drivers are updated. Other people I've been talking to with similar setups with ATI cards are having the same issues. The original L4D had the same issue when it first came out. It's a minor nuisance. I'm sure Valve will have it fixed for launch or shortly afterwards.

STICKzophrenic3320d ago

Game looks and plays exactly like the first one. I thought about buying it, but I'm gonna pass.

Theoneneo813320d ago

As I stated before I'm boycoting Valve for the following reasons 1. they greddy idiots constantly ask for specail pricing on steam and try to get more money. They are lazy A$$es and cant figure out how to make Some PS3 games.

Pandamobile3320d ago

"1. they greddy idiots constantly ask for specail pricing on steam"

What? Steam has some of the cheapest games and best deals around. (unless you're in Europe)

"They are lazy A$$es and cant figure out how to make Some PS3 games. "

Lazy? Valve is one of the biggest perfectionists in the gaming industry. That doesn't fall under 'lazy'. Why do you want their games on PS3 so bad? Their console games suck. If you want to play a Valve game, play it where it belongs on PC.

That's like calling Insomniac lazy for not developing for the PC.

NaiNaiNai3319d ago

Just ignore some of these idiots.

They don't play games, they just trash on them.
Most of these guys didn't even play games before Ps3 and all there wasted money.

monkey6023319d ago

"unless you're in Europe"

True! A lot of the games on steam can be bought here in retail for 10 or 20 euro cheaper, The only downside is how few places actually stock PC games. In my town I can only name 2. There's not a very large market for it here

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