What's the best HDTV for gaming?

Knowing which HDTV is best suited for gaming can be daunting. CNET's latest recommendations appear to favor LCD technology, with two recommended sets from Samsung and one from Sharp. Sony's own XBR line provides the LCoS/SXRD alternative, while Panasonic brings up two fine looking plasma sets.

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solidt124574d ago

Any Sony Bravia. Samsung is good on the cheaper end and LG on the even cheaper end. If you are really a cheap bastard then get a Vizio, they are good for the money $600.

JsonHenry4574d ago

Is a TV that has either VGA or DVI inputs. Why? Because a lot of the time those connections will support 1080p even if the HDMI/component inputs do not!

I have a Polaroid 37" LCD set. On my Xbox 360 connected through VGA I set my resolution to 1920x1080 and voila! 1080p pops right up on my screen. I know it sounds weird, but a lot of TVs are not allowed to label a TV a "1080p" TV unless ALL of the HD connections will support 1080p. You will be suprised how many HDTVs that are labeled 1080i have a VGA or DVI connection that supports 1080p.

Seraphim4574d ago

Sony Bravia and Samsung tele's are amongst the best...

Personally the Sony Bravia XBR3 (KDL_40XBR3) is suffice for me. It has more than enough inputs including DVI... The picture is absolutely excellent, and PS360 games and Blu Ray discs look amazing in 108op (or 720p even). Also upscaling via the PS3 looks great in 1080p...

Shadow Flare4574d ago

the Sony Bravia 40" KDL-40W2000 and its awesome. Picture's amazing, sounds great, gamings never been so good

marison4574d ago

Only 480i, but a 28" widescreen CRT.

Very good image for the price I have payed, but I wanna a HDTV soon.

I hope SED or OLED TV turns around $2.000,00 soon.

P4KY B4574d ago

I use an 32inch LG which does 1:1 pixels through vga so the picture is always razor sharp. And it was cheap :-)

PS360PCROCKS4574d ago

Nice 32inch Samsung LCD here and the picture is gorgeous.

techie4574d ago

Hey xbox360...there's a new Samsung out which I'm looking at. It's 100Hz and HDMI 1.3 (Previous 50Hz, HDMI 1.2) :P Only £600 (only manufacturers guarentee)

InMyOpinion4574d ago

@Deep - Is it the one that also has a contrast of 15000:1? My friend has one of those and he says it's amazing. He also owns a Ps3 and works at Ubisoft but that's another story =)