Is Xbox 360 Dominating the Online Experience?

Over the past few days there have been multiple comments being made about the superiority of the Xbox 360's Xbox Live Service and its superiority to the PS3. It's no secret that this generation is the online and connected generation for consoles. Many fans of the PS3 mock the Xbox 360's paid service Xbox Live, because of the fact that Playstation Network is free. But as the old saying goes…You get what you pay for.
Comments like those from Chet Falisek the Left 4 Dead project lead stating " the 360 is head and shoulders above the PS3? and that it's multiplayer-focused Left 4 Dead franchise isn't headed to Ps3 , lead me to believe that while you may not see exactly what you are paying for in your Xbox Live subscription per say. You do gain the benefits of a subscription based service that is constantly growing and evolving to enhance the community aspects of games. Apparently many designers are taking that into consideration when deciding on whether or not they want to publish on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Halo_Reach3271d ago

Enough said!

Pc and 360 FTW!

steck673271d ago

Comming from a user with the name Halo_Reach... why am I not surprised...?

talltony3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I can easily see what my friends are playing and play with them in any game on ps3. I can talk to them too all free of charge. I dnt know why someone would think live was worth it if they had a ps3 too. IMO it's a waste of money especially when psn is freakin free of charge minus 2 little features.

PlayStation X3270d ago

lol @ the 2 twats above me

xbl is better but definately not $50 worth and it definetely dont dominate =/ maybe add a web browser n some dedicated servers and you could call it superior but at the moment the difference is barely noticable.

xbl>psn - gaming (psn owns xbl when it comes to exclusives tho)
psn/web browser>>xbl - entertainment

still paying $50 a year for p2p servers? loool

slayorofgods3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

It really isn't. Microsoft is just good at keeping the ILLUSION that it is. Too bad we live in a society (the U.S.) that consumers are willing to buy inflatable barbecues if they see it on t.v. MS knows this all too well. Unfortunately they don't worry as much about actually making quality hardware or to REALLY have a better online experience to back up their claims. All they care about is saying that they do, and consumers buy it up.

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ape0073271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I can tell that they are all great services but Xbox live give a richer online experience overall and psn is great for free

xbox live feels more alive and connected and really makes you enjoy playing online,one little overlooked feature in xbox live that no body tralk about yet it's one of the secrets of xbox live,the deep player status system,it's pretty amazing

on the other hand,the ps3 got awesome games to play online,kz2 is absolutely amazing to play online,uncharted 2 is awesome,it mix gears of war style plus platforming,perks and the smart money system,as for warhawk,I didn't like it,although many loved it and I respect that

happy to be ps3\360(and wii) owner

BadboyCivic3603271d ago

i seriously wonder why they disagree with you for saying that...i guess they want you to be a fanboy and only have 1 system

Myst3271d ago

I will admit that player status system was something that I actually liked when I logged onto my live account and saw my friend playing Guitar Hero. Saw what song he was playing and everything, I thought it was just interesting to see that.

I know Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 has something similar to that as I saw what level my sister was playing as what character she was using as well and this was on the PSN version. So hopefully more developers will do something of the sort.

I also don't get why he got disagrees.

gamesR4fun3271d ago

ya warhawk aint for evryone but def one of the most popular games on ps3 and my personal fav been playing it almos daily since it launched...

n ya the disagrees are wack no matter what system u play you shouldnt disagree with someone jus for givin their honest opinion... especially when its has unbiased as this one.

RealtorMDandDC3270d ago a great it does not have cross invite!!or cross chat!!You can meet in Home and launch most games with a friend. Voice chat is official in Japan with status is available on PSN...Marvel Alliance 2 has this do not know what other game does this but not really a big deal......

I own both systems...360 first(paid the first two years has not paid for LIVE ever since) then PS3....what I hate about LIVE you have to Pay to play with a friend....Pay to play a new demo.......PAY to be on Facebook Tweeter and and all these services are free...Pay for Netflix plus Netflix account.....why can't Silver member get these features...

There's almost no reason to have a Silver membership....what the point of "Silver"????

Everyone say's you get what you pay for...well I like playing with friends for free...playing the latest demo's for free....browsing r free....32...64...256 MP..for free...

People on PSN has mics....every time I play Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 someone is talking or has mics....there's just no 9yrs cussing or rapping Soulja boy or Lil Wayne(F**King annoying)

Side note: Valve sucks I believe they are the most overrated game maker on CONSOLE this generation....L4D 1 & 2 overrated garbage...just played L4D 2 demo...the exact same thing as part one...SAME GAME AS L4D 1.......SAME HORRIBLE TERRIBLE EARL IN MY MOUTH GRAPHICS....SAME HORRIBLE SOUND.......and they are charging $60.00 plus LIVE Membership...I guess you get what you pay for!!!!!and they are making fanboy comments........

IdleLeeSiuLung3270d ago

I have to agree, that the Xbox 360 feels more connected. Just take a look at the dash, and you are immediately connected to all the stuff going on Xbox Live including upcoming events.

Furthermore, we got Netflix first on a console and now, which by the way is awesome. From a gaming perspective, as far as I know Xbox Live give developers so much more data to work with that is accumulated about the user:

One often overlooked thing is how this helps improving multi-platform games. So even the PS3 gets the benefit from this!

Also, just take a look at your account and poke around and see how much user information you find about how Xbox 360 is used by others. Furthermore, the headset/mic is a godsend, because everyone practically has one. If you don't want to hear other talk, mute them.

I hate paying $40-50/annually, but got to admit I like Xbox Live!

PSN is what it is, a free service so there is no complaint. After all, you can't beat free and it gives you very much the basic functionality.

mastiffchild3270d ago

It's a complicated and often personal issue, imo. I've just, for the first time while owning a 360, decided not to renew my Gold membership. To me it's not worth it anymore and I feel slightly conned by ever having to pay for it tbh-what I have on Steam and PSN is equally good for me(though as I'm in the UK Live isn't the same service it is in the US at all and we pay a little more as well!). However, the things which finally made me make the choice to sack Live wre really all MS fault.

Firstly the fact that 360 has never been a reliable console for me(a few failures sadly)means I got less and less l;ikely to buy multi plats for that console which left me with a service that offered less than US gamers for more money that I only ever used for Gears2(which is dtill wonky online even now and host advantage ruined for an age)and Halo-and I cannot justify paying t play, besically, one geat game that I've already played to death over the last couple of years-maybe I'd have bought ODST if they hadn't priced it wrong and justified that price by selling me what I'd already bought(which got up my nose so much that, for the first toime ODST was a Halo FPS I wouldn't buy)and that might have made a difference.

Also with what I sabe I can buy another game to play either on PC or PS3 and still be free to play it with mates for free online too. They(MS) also made another pair of balls ups as far as my tastes were concerned. X game chat on Live stopped me playing my favourite online game in TF2-the way it's implemented is poor and enables cheating and why not offer servers for team based games where it isn't available-that would stop the cheating AND the way people get distracted talking to mates elsewhere. Some games just aren't built to cope with X game chat and MS didn't look into it enough-really wound me up at the time I was struggling with that as it was ALWAYS hard finding good teams for TF2 at the best of times. I lso accept that some folk love Live for X game chat and party incites-though, sadly for me they'll arrive on PSN soon enough.

Lastly, and I know I'm not alone in this. I much preferred Live and the Xbox dash pre NXE and Avatar. I found it less messy before AND I despise avatars esp mine which is gimpy as all hell as I DIDN'T EVER want it! Why can't I kill it? Virtually beat it to death with it's own entrails? Fine if you want one you should be allowed but why force them on people who hate them? It makes me feel like a child and for a man with kids that's wrong all over. AND it's unamerican(the lack of choice that is)!

Then theres the methods of payment MS accept which, as I'm Bi polar and don't want to risk credit cards(not again anyway!), means they won't(unlike Steam,Ninty or Sony) accept my debit card so I always have to pay in one go either by getting overpriced MS cards at a store or by using someone elses CC. Not convenient at all. Not great value either when I play more games on PSN to start with and more have dedicated servers nd better online performance.

Thing is I totally get why someone else might love Live-but it isn't for me and the new services don't add anything when you can do them for free and could from launch on PS3. What I can't agree with is that it's worth the money in any way at all. It really should be free. There's no excuse in my eyes and I don't understand defending it when we should be asking MS to sort it out-and why they wn't allow games like L4D to be the great experiences they are on PC(another game which, had they allowed it to be as good as PC I might have stayed for)? Why no mods? Why weaker support in general and why, if not, do we pay more for it? I guess MS just don't agree with anyone getting anything for free even if it's mods that gamers made themselves!

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Myst3271d ago

Honestly? No, are they pretty much on par if one compares and contracts each strength and weakness next to each other? Yes. There are things that make both very appealing to the masses obviously as figures would show, and each can still draw those in that have yet to purchase a current-gen system.

Also, I think many designers are more or less looking at how much their cost will be if they design for both rather than online majority of the time ( if they want to do a decent job on both systems ), though I am basing this mainly on the articles that came out before stating the PS3 was hard to develop for and costly.

O2_Addict3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

just being able to hop onto google in my living room is just awesome. The 360's whole concept of Microsoft controlling what online content you get is decidedly outdated.

People make a huge fuss about the 360 getting facebook and twitter. Gee. Wow.

PS3 and Wii owners have had that since 2006!

When will Live ever catch up with the PS3's online features?

mcslick1013270d ago

In all respect. I know - maybe PC gaming isn't for you. It's expensive,tiresome and some migh find it 'awkward'. If your looking for online features then the PC has everything your looking for. The PS3 and X360 have nothing compared to us. Think about it if you'd a spent some dosh on your PC it would be FAR better than ANYTHING for gaming...

mcslick1013270d ago

...except a nintendo wii ;). jk jk