Five Ridiculous Things We Love About Resident Evil

G4TV: The first Resident Evil was a landmark game for a multitude of reasons, chief among them was that it got a new generation of young people to finally start taking the possibility of a zombie outbreak seriously. With each successive game in the series, we learned more and more about what to do: how to heal ourselves in the case of a bite, what the proper zombie combat attire is, how to navigate through complex building layouts, and how to avoid eccentric rich families...the list goes on. All of this is highly practical information that, screw it. Resident Evil is RIDICULOUS. Here are Five Reasons Why.

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Evildoomnerd3295d ago

The only thing I found perplexing when I first played through Resident Evil 2 was that there wasn't a single restroom nor toilet throughout the entire Raccoon Police Department, not even in the holding cells.