Microsoft Surface Website goes live

Microsoft Surface represents a fundamental change in the way we interact with digital content.

With Surface, we can actually grab data with our hands, and move information between objects with natural gestures and touch.

Surface features a 30-inch tabletop display whose unique abilities allow for several people to work independently or simultaneously.
All without using a mouse or keyboard.

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tony5129d ago

i bet this new system is very expensive. but is really cool.

Loopy5129d ago

This is ultra super new innovative!
A Tablet PC that looks like Table PC.
Gee, how Microsoft ever come up with that idea?

anh_duong5129d ago

any idea how much this costs? i might get one - hopefully it will be cheaper then sticking 50 ds touchscreen together.

eLiNeS5129d ago

"Such sweet tech comes at a price, naturally, with the units running $10,000 a pop. But, Microsoft expects prices to plummet over the next three to five years to the point they'll be in your homes."

PS360WII5129d ago

10,000 smackers!! Geez well in 3 to 5 years someone will make something rather similar to this that'll cost less. I say similar because I'm sure MS patented as much as they could but can't patent everything!

I have to admit though that's a pretty cool idea. I'm not sure if it's practical right now in the world but you have to start sometime right?

ITR5129d ago

Apple has something similar with it's iPhone interface and supposedly it will end up on the 6gen iPod and new Mac's as well.

Plasmana5129d ago

I actually have a feeling that this will create a viable market. Here's what I'm wondering... if surface can identify a phone, can it identify unique phones? If so, it can identify you! That is an incredible marketing opportunity for businesses. Think Minority Report.

redmamoth5129d ago

... Some guy came on with a very similar prototype, but just containing a bog standard Tablet PC running XP... They shot him down big style!!

It does look pretty good though, although I think the novelty would wear off very quickly...

kewlkat0075129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

"It does look pretty good though, although I think the novelty would wear off very quickly..."

-This is the future bro..Imagine when this technology is licensed at Casinos, and the Touch screen is big as a table and playing blackjack with a computer generated dealer, or Poker and such.

-I see this used for educational purposes in schools, with kids that have disabilities.

-They previewed it at restuarants to pay bills(not sure if you seen that video). Imagine the Military using this in conjunction with GOOGLE MAPS or different types of Topography with real-time data.

-This gives a new meaning to Presentations, and as well as Artist,when they wanna draw digitally, since you can use a real brush to paint.

-Imagine looking at CRIMINAL databases and such with the finger, and looking up all sorts of information ONLINE.

-Video Conferencing in the homes..and such I can go on.

With the way touch screen has became so popular(Iphones and such) you are looking at the future son...

PS360WII5129d ago

true kewlkat but this future is still in the making really. Touch screens are invogue right now but only small ones and it's still relatively expensive. It'll be a few more years before this tech is ready for the big show. I'll be waiting though

kewlkat0075129d ago (Edited 5129d ago )

I'm just excited,(see I'm somewhat of a dreamer) and I see the Potential of this thing. Things you never would have imagined 10 years ago.

Of course this has been in development since 2001. I knew about this a year ago when I saw this video, but I didn't think it was MS behind it.

Can we lay off Ms for like a week, about not being innovative as MAC?

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The story is too old to be commented.