Gamervision: Half-Minute Hero Review

There's a lot to make fun of when it comes to RPGs. Many developers don't seem to care that they've been recycling the same stories over and over again for years, and neither do a lot of fans. Instead, there's this strange movement where retro styling isn't just nostalgic, but correct, leading many developers to rely on overused gameplay mechanics from 1993 instead of taking advantage of 20+ years of gaming lessons. Needless to say, the genre is ripe for lampooning. The trouble is developers don't always have the best sense of humor about themselves, and games grounded in parody usually end up being worse than the source material. Luckily, this isn't the case with Half-Minute Hero, which bursts onto the scene, tongue placed firmly in cheek, ready to point a finger at RPG clichés while managing to blindside gamers with some of the most unique, whimsical RPG gameplay in years.

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