New PS3 Advertising campaign in the USA

Here we have the latest advertising campaign for the PS3 in the USA. Sony is known to have the weirdest advertisements in the gaming industry and this ad is no different than the few ads released sometime ago which had mature themes. However one thing is clearly visible in these are ads is that "people are having fun". The question is , have they been successful with the way the do their advertising campaigns ?

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TriggerHappy4756d ago

weird adevertisments and the ps3 iteself is a complicated tech piece...go sony.

PS360WII4756d ago

hmm. Well it's advertising... maybe a bit too much sears catalog kind but nice I suppose. So ummm who plays that close to thier PS3 though? It's kind of right next to the feet and they seem like pretty excitable people, aren't they going to push it over and break it or something? And what's up with the two dudes on the bed watching a movie lookin all hardcore lol I couldn't help but laugh at that one.

woo hoo I just read my comment when did I become an advertising critic... (hangs head down)

ITR4756d ago

Maybe it's me but they seem to resemble the Wii Ad's with the family going gaga over the Wii.

Karebear4756d ago

The PS3 has changed how I use my living room. I love being able to pop out my SD Card from my camera, pop it in the PS3 and show people my photos on the big screen. I love being able to watch internet streaming video while lounging on my couch. This is the kind of stuff people have no idea that the PS3 can do.

Add that, to gaming, to wireless everything, and its just great! Sadly no commercial ever shows its true potential.

And just to head you all off, I am aware that the XBOX360 can do most of the above mentioned as well.

Fisher3394756d ago

I totally argee, I had no idea that either system could do things like you stated above. Both Companies should be advertising these things.

Personally I use my ps3 for watching music videos and play music, VS. plugging in a ipod into the stero.

Firewire4756d ago

get rid of the guys
get rid of the clothes on the girls
PS3 will sell tons. Its a natural chick magnet!

EZCheez4756d ago

And then release "PS3s Gone Wild" and follow up soon after with "PS3s Spring Break"

Chicks in bikinis could sell ice cubes to eskimos. I'm surprised they haven't at least tried this route yet.

PS360PCROCKS4756d ago

Their Japanese what do you expect...that's not a racist statement. I just mean what's weird to us is normal to them and vice versa. They love the Anime stuff, I think it's moronic. Some of the PS3 commercials are cool, like I saw one for baseball which was neat. But than they throw in a crying baby commercial and I am confused

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The story is too old to be commented.