Kotaku: Rabbids Go Home Review: Strip-Platforming

Kotaku writes: "The only game this fall that lets you shout the clothes of Santa Claus is a platformer without a jump button, a mix of Katamari Damacy and Mario, and another strong third-party original for the Wii.

You are not a plumber. You are not prince. You are not even Rayman in the Rabbids Go Home, the new single-player action game starring three bunnies (one of which lives in your Wii Remote) and a shopping cart. The raving Rabbids are making their fourth annual Wii outing since seemingly hijacking Ubisoft's Rayman platforming series, turning it into a party game series, and now making it a platformer again - sans Rayman."

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SpoonyRedMage3270d ago

I bought the game earlier, it's definitely easy but overall well designed and insanely fun. My brother was Dragon Age but kept getting distracted by the randoms going-ons of Rabbids Go Home.

It's a Michel Ancel game anyway, so it was bound to be awesome. Now get to get work on BG&E2.:P

I hope Epic Mickey is something kinda like Rabbids Go Home, especially with the little cartoon cutaways that the game has. I'd love to see that in Epic Mickey.