Joystiq: Netflix on PS3 Hands-On

Many Netflix subscribers will find a rather inconspicuous red envelope in the mail today. It may look like a standard Netflix package, but inside PS3 owners will discover the "Instant Streaming Disc" which enables Netflix's instant streaming service on Sony's console.

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D4RkNIKON3295d ago

Nice review, it is a little bit laggy in the menu but works great when playing video. Nice HD playback too. I bet that the lag issue will be fixed when netflix is added to the firmware instead of the disk. It is nice too that you can add to your queue from the PS3 browser so a PC isn't needed where 360 can't. But I will be using the netflix app on the iphone to add to my queue. I can't wait to get my disk!

WildArmed3295d ago

I havnt noticed any lag so far.
Its great. the video quality is awesome too!
I dont see any pixels when its streaming.
Though I'd like a search option, but im not gonna play the 'name something that should be here' game.

I love how i can watch stuff other then stuff on my to watch list.

gamerdude113295d ago

It's the same process as the 360. You have to activate on Netflix's website. The playback and quality seem to be the same as well. Movie thumbnails take a few seconds to load. Aside from needing the disc the service seems the same.

roguewarrior3295d ago

guess i wont have to buy Playon to stream Netflix to my ps3. Still Blu-Ray: There Is No Substitute.

danielchile3295d ago

Same here. Glad I'm on a mac and couldn't jump on a PlayOn offer I saw about a month ago.

roguewarrior3295d ago

been messing around with the instant streaming. no lag when browsing,updating,rating,or streaming. though my connection is pretty fast 30 Mbit/s downstream and 5 Mbit/s upstream. video quality is good. but iv been spoiled with blu-ray so the pic. quality irritates me. plus iv gotten used to loss less sound. but it definitely a great feature to add to the ps3s capability's. love that i can update queue right from ps3.