Portable Gamer Review: Face Fighter

Face Fighter is Appy Entertainment's foray into the world of iPod Touch and iPhone gaming along with Zombie Pizza and Appy News. So here's Face Fighter, a game which, from the title alone, sums up the entire game's premise of quite literally, fighting faces.

There can be little denying that Face Fighter delivers a rather appealing and slick interface which is both clear and easy to navigate, this coupled with the almost non-existent loading times are a really pleasant surprise. Upon starting the game you are urged to create a profile to use throughout the game. This saves time by completing it right away, instead of adding all these details later on or after every game. Whilst it seems like something obvious to me, there are a lot of games that still continue to not offer this simple feature.

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wondroushippo3358d ago

I really hoped this would be good. Seems that Appy should just stick with 'entertainment' apps.