EA MMA to Feature Strikeforce

EA Sports announced today that Strikeforce will be a premier league in EA MMA and have also added two names to the fighter roster.

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roguewarrior3271d ago

not the UFC. Dana White is an a.hole, thinks he gave birth to MMA. the UFC gets 13,000, maybe 20,000 people at an event. PrideFC, was selling out arenas like Tokyo Dome, which seats close to 80,000 people. MMA was alive and well, before Dana White convinced Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta to by the UFC. Plus i hate the unified rules. No knees on the ground, no kicking a opponent on the ground,head stomping. Turn it into Boxing already Dana.

Mindboggle3271d ago

Your joking right ?? MMA was nowhere near as popular as it is now. Yeh in japan it was huge, but in the US noone even knew what MMA was...Now the UFC is bringing it closer and closer to mainstream, and if you want to see the best MMA fights you gotta watch UFC.

Strikeforce is a joke. They signed a 50 year old guy recently who has never been in a fight in his life. Strikeforce is becoming a freakshow.

roguewarrior3271d ago

the number 1 rated heavyweight in the world. they also got Alistair Overeem,Frank Shamrock,Nick Diaz,ect. your right though if you want to see the best fight you got to watch ufc. but you also got to watch Dream(japan) HDNet Fights,strikeforce,KOTC,ect... your right that MMA is more mainstream now, but the Pay Per View numbers of the original UFC were very impressive. the problem was that no one would sanction them, trying to protect boxing in my opinion, one of the Fertitta brothers was on the Nevada athletic commission and got MMA sanctioned. look what happened MMA PPV numbers dominate boxing.