Final Fantasy IV DS Trailer

Square-Enix has released the first-ever trailer of its upcoming Final Fantasy IV DS remake. While no actual gameplay footage is shown, it is still worth a watch. Near the end you will be treated to a slightly arranged version of Golbeza's theme.

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soul5169d ago

Err.. Was just about to post it ;)

Anyway, trailer is nice. I want gameplay footage tho ><

commadore655169d ago

Gameplay footage would have been good. I didnt even realise they were doing this! means I'm gonna be duped into buying this game yet again ;P..

But it's a great game, possibly my 3rd fave in the series.

PS360WII5169d ago

I can't help but want to buy this game. This is a great story and has a lot of playable charaters and plenty of places to go and see. Plus it's a full remake and not a port like the gba one.

ItsDubC5169d ago

This, FF3, Mario Kart DS, Metroid Prime Hunters, brain games, and homebrew are the reasons why I finally bought a DS 2 weeks ago. I couldn't resist!