Halo 3 graphics to improve, says Bungie

Since Microsoft launched the beta for Halo 3 two weeks ago, some have murmured that the graphics are a bit, well, uninspiring, especially in comparison to Gears of War. Next-Gen spoke to Bungie about this perception.

Bungie's Frank O'Connor assures that there are plenty of changes coming in the months until the final game arrives in September.

"Well to be honest, we've seen them [the graphics] praised too. Multiplayer is by necessity a more sterile iteration of our graphical style and will always be tuned for performance and elegance rather than jamming the screen full of pixels. We think that the final aesthetic look of our game will be judged at launch in September and in part based on the more intense single player spaces. We're also focused on maintaining the Halo character and atmosphere in our visual design – we're competing with ourselves, and not simply trying to match the aesthetic of other games. We think that folks will be happy with Halo 3's graphical polish come September."

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FeralPhoenix4186d ago

Why would they put all the bells and whistles in the "Beta"? I'll say it again, Bungie knows what their doing....

InMyOpinion4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I've been trying to get that through to the people who say it looks crap, but no one listens. Wait until the final version is out. I'm sure it will blow everything else out the water.

Look everyone! 6 brave soldiers from the Sony Defense Force are here to disagree with every comment on this article. I guess no one has been stating that the Halo 3 BETA is a BETA then? 6 people disagree with predator (below) for agreeing?? What are you trying to achieve, kids?

Lyberator4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

Anyone without a 360 or anyone who isnt planning on going near halo 3 thats in here needs to STAY THE F*** OUT! this has nothing to do with the ps3. Anyway I think graphics will look as good or better than the announcment trailer as when they first showed it they took control of Master Chief and moved him around and shot his gun. It was all in-engine.

Silver3604185d ago

Final build has better graphics.

SuperSaiyan44186d ago

Its a Beta! Of course its not going to look out of this world visually however I was still very impressed by the visuals!
Look at the water amazing!

Also I zoomed in with the visor onto a player on my team and on some areas on the armor it was high res! You could see lots of detail.

What they need to work on is making the rockets and grenades do more damage!! And the melee needs to be sorted out then they need to increase the visuals.

Boy oh boy I cant wait for this game!!

Anyone else getting Legendary Edition?

predator4186d ago

dont think il get legendary edition mate, just want the game so i can play it

Shadow Flare4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I would seriously think of buying a 360 for Halo 3 if it looks as intense as the 'starry night' trailer. As long as it looks similar to the trailer then im sold. I want something more and new in halo. And so far im not sold on it; i've played alot of Halo 2 and i see no reason to buy Halo 3 at the moment

But i dunno how much more the graphics will change. On the IGN podcasts they said that beta's are usually pretty much what the graphics are like in the final version, and that was including the Halo 1 & 2 betas. But since there's been such a big outcry...bungie you've got about 4 months to reach that trailers quality


predator- yeah i got a ps3. Thats why im not so far out on getting a 360. But i liked Halo 2 enough that i would get a 360 just for Halo 3 if it were appealing enough. So far its not. But those 360 titles you mentioned really dont interest me to be honest. I got Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII (and VII remake), Gran Turismo 5, Burnout 5, Tekken 6, Lair, Heavenly Sword, LittleBigPlanet, Home, WarHawk, Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Killzone 2 all in my sights. So im not all that down with getting a 360 at the moment, but i'll see how Halo 3 pans out

Mart - Show me a link that says Sony said the Killzone 2 trailer was ingame. All im saying is sony isn't the only one who uses CGI target videos. Lost Planet, Gears of War (mad world trailer) and Halo 3. At least sonys games look similar to their CGI videos. And about the beta stuff, i dunno i haven't seen it myself but id rather listen to IGN then you mart. But i hope Halo 3 turns out great and looks great cos i like Halo

predator4186d ago

i woundnt buy a 360 just for halo 3 mate, mass effect, bioshock and blue dragon to name a few that would make ur mind up, as much as i like halo theres more to the 360 than that one game, have you got a ps3?

TheMART4186d ago

Shadow Flair, at least MS doesn't say the starry night trailer is ingame. Like Sony said E3 2005 Killzone 2 was, when it actually wasn't.

What they did say though, is that the Halo 3 announcement trailer was inengine and that Halo 3 would look like that.

About the beta's: WRONG. Seriously, if one would watch the Halo 1 and 2 beta to final product... changed a lot. Plus, single player might have more whistels and bells then the multiplayer.

Guess we'll have to see in September. But as they said: seeing final Halo 3 will make you say: 'Gears of what?'. I guess they'll make that reality, otherwise one wouldn't say that

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