Sony Dominates in Japan

IGN: All the pieces lined up just right for Sony this past week, and despite a slow start for the PSP go, the PlayStation brand was dominant in Japan.

Fueled by a highly visible marketing campaign and high scores in Famitsu, Bayonetta's PS3 version topped the charts. The 360 version didn't do so bad either, placing in 7th with half the PS3 version's sales. The 360 version received a perfect rating in Famitsu, a couple of points higher than the PS3 version.

Persona 3 Portable is notable because its sales account for just one day. The game was released on a Sunday to coincide with the PSP go's launch.

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M$ getting buttraped as always.

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Dark box you DO know that he can take your bubbles also right? Both you guys will end up with no bubbles! LOL

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Yeah I noticed so many PS3 fans are getting bubble raped. Someone's been pretty good at manipulating things. I wonder who :)

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knightdarkbox: "yay! enjoy your - bubles... ;)"
Spelling fail. "bubles"? Time for you to go back to elementary.

I get what you're saying. I've once lost three bubbles AT ONCE. I'm not blaming the bots, or maybe I am blaming one......

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