WTP Review: Lego Rock Band

Blending Harmonix's popular musical rhythm game series with the much-loved colorful building block toys, Lego Rock Band brings the genre into more kid-friendly territory with its goofy, light-hearted take on the franchise and broader accessibility to an all-ages audience. This family-oriented entry sports many new features designed to make the Rock Band experience more enjoyable for younger gamers, but it also offers plenty of challenge for experienced players as well.

Lego Rock Band plays much like the core games it's based-on. Players will create a band where up to four people can pick up guitar, bass, drums, and microphone controllers and rock their way through numerous tiers of rock tunes by hitting colored notes that descend down the runway. The game features an extensive Tour mode with story elements, unlockable vehicles, and special challenges, as well as Free Play mode and practice tutorials. Expert difficulty offers a solid challenge, while the new Super Easy difficulty allows the newest players to gently get used to the gameplay.

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